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History of the Robert Graves Review

Last update: 15 January 2021

The Robert Graves Review is the new name, adopted at an online General Meeting of the Robert Graves Society on xx Decenber 2020, of Gravesiana: The Journal of the Robert Graves Society, which was launched on 5 July 1996 at Nene College, Northampton (now The University of Northampton), UK. The first editor was Patrick Quinn, then also President of the Robert Graves Society. In an introduction to the first issue he wrote:

This new journal has its origins in the two Robert Graves centenary conferences in Oxford and Palma last year. With the organisation of the Robert Graves Society, the executive committee felt it necessary to have a literary organ to publicize its activities.

Gravesiana was preceeded by two other journals, the first published in 1972 when Ellworth Mason, an early collector of Graves′s work and then at the Hofstra University Library (Hempstead, New York), produced a folio-sized journal, Focus On Robert Graves with articles (generally only one per issue), and other information such as lists of material at various archives, bibliographic notes and details of private collections. Six numbers of Volume I were published, the last being in 1982.

Volume 1 continued in 1986 under the editorship of Patrick Quinn at the University of Maryland in Heidelberg, Germany, with an expanded title: Focus On Robert Graves And His Contemporaries. The first article was by Ellsworth Mason. The format was a small stapled DIN A5 booklet with a drawing of a soldier in arms on the cover. Each number had several articles and included articles on other poets and writers as well. Seven more numbers were published of Volume 1: Number 13 was issued in Winter 1992.

Volume 2 of Focus On Robert Graves And His Contemporaries was issued in new A4 format, again stapled, with a drawing of Robert Graves in profile by R. Clegg (this is presently used as the Robert Graves Society"s logo) on the cover. The editors were now Richard Schumaker at at the University of Maryland in Heidelberg, Germany, and Patrick Quinn, now at Nene College, Northampton, England. Five numbers of Volume 2 were published. The last was issued under Richard Schumaker"s editorship in Winter 1996-1997, when Gravesiana was also already underway.

Four numbers of Volume I of Gravesiana were published between June 1996 and Winter 1997 and two of Volume II between Winter 1998 and Summer 1999. In June 2001 a Millennial Double Issue (Volume II, Numbers 3 and 4) was published, edited by Dr Ian Firla at the St John"s College Robert Graves Trust, Oxford. In Summer 2007 Volume III Number 1, edited by Patrick Villa, formerly of the University of Bristol, was published in both print and online editions. It included a guest editorial by Professor Frank Kersnowski, formerly of Trinity College, San Antonio, Texas, USA.

As from 2010 Gravesiana is published in an electronic edition only.


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