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Gravesiana - Volume 4 Number 2 ⁄ Summer 2017

As the centenary anniversaries of the First World War continue, much of Gravesiana: The Journal of the Robert Graves Society is devoted to the theme of Robert Graves's experience of war, and this is reflected in this new Summer 2017 issue of the journal. A variety of other content is also to be found here, including poems by Ruth Fainlight and an interview with the poet by Charles Mundye, and Frank Kersnowki's memories of Summer visits to Robert Graves and other poets, a recorded version of which is also on YouTube, at

Please also see Michael Joseph's editorial statements and the list of contents at page 350 for further information about the themes of this new issue of Gravesiana. 

In addition we welcome Gravesiana's new Editor, Michael Joseph of Rutgers University, New Bruswick, USA, and at the same time thank the previous Editor, Professor Dunstan Ward, for his many years of service to the journal and to Robert Graves studies more generally, in particular his and Beryl Graves's editorship of Robert Graves: Complete Poems (Carcanet, 1997-2001)Dunstan remains a member of the Editorial Board of Gravesiana.

To view the journal, click on its title (in brown text) above and then on 'Download PDF' against any title on the 'list of contents' page which should appear below. 

Please note that this issue of Gravesiana is still in the process of being published (as at 8 July 2017) and its content may still be added or amended during the next week or so. 

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