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Gravesiana - Volume 4 Number 3 ⁄ Summer 2018

For this latest issue of Gravesiana its editor, Michael Joseph of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, USA has (as he writes in his introduction at p.456, below) diverged from tradition by giving the issue a title, "Movement", which will help to give it shape and distinction. 

"Movement", as Michael writes, is the belated Summer issue of Gravesiana (4.3), a between-conferences issue, deriving itself from work generated outside the tidal force of the conferences’ overarching discourses. Longtime members of the Society and readers of Gravesiana will sense a retrospective vibe here in the concentration on the life and works of the friends and associates of Robert Graves.

Michael puts this statement into an historical context in his editorial introduction and you are invited to read further about the reasons there and to enjoy this latest issue of the Journal of the Robert Graves Society.

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