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To register for the 2018 International Robert Graves Society Conference, Mallorca, 10 - 14 July, 2018 please e-mail Patrick Villa, Secretary and Treasurer, Robert Graves Society, at Please send the following details and pay a registration fee by PayPal, bank transfer or electronic banking payment to the Robert Graves Society, using the details in the payment section of this page, below. 
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Please 'cut and paste' the following list into your e-mail and add your answers:
First name:
Family name:
Postal Address:
Post Code or ZIP Code:
e-mail address:
Present post or affiliation (optional):
Name(s) of accompanying person (if any):
Date of arrival:
Date of departure:
Dates you will attend the conference (if different): 
Any special requirements (e.g. diet, disability, other):
Any other information: 
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Please send any cheques to Patrick Villa, Secretary/Treasurer, Robert Graves Society, and not directly to the Society's bank. 
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RESIDENTS OF MALLORCA an the other Balearic Islands who use PayPal can purchase admission online in euros at a standard rate of €20 per day or €10 per half day, or €10 or €5 per per half day for concessions (retired, disabled, students). A rate of €40 (full cost) or €30 (concessions) for the whole conference is also available to local residents. These prices DO NOT include any meals or transport provided for the conference. These special rates may be puchased online in euro at Add a forward slash and figure to this URL address to send a specific TOTAL amount, e.g. two days at the full rate will cost €40 and the URL address to use will be be . Once in, click on the amount to amend it, and the currency to euros, if necessary. Send a note with the payment to say which days you will attend.

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