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Welcome to Robert Graves Resources Pages

Robert Graves (1895-1985) was a poet, novelist, mythographer, critic and historian. Probably best known as the author of I,Claudius, and Claudius the God and as a survivor and poet of the Great War, he is one of the great figures of 20th Century English Poetry and Literature.

In line with the aims of the St John’s College Robert Graves Trust, of St John’s College, Oxford, these pages are designed to help researchers, archivists, and students in the study of Robert Graves. Biographic, bibliographic and other pertinent data are provided together with links to external sources. A database with a search engine is being populated to allow the location of manuscripts and letters within the many archives holding Graves fonds in Britain, North America and elsewhere. These pages provide various multimedia links, a forum for discussions on Graves. Plans to provide teachers’ resources on Graves are under consideration New additions to the site will be reported in the News section.

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