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Beinecke Library, Yale
more...Collection: William S. Reese Collection of Robert Graves. General Collection, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University.
more...Series: Jonathan Cape
more...Subseriers: Jonathan Cape

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Bancroft Library - U. California
BBC Written Archives Centre, Reading
Beinecke Library, Yale
Bodleian Library, Oxford
Brigham Young University Archives, Utah
British Library, Dept of Mss
Brotherton Library, Leeds
Bryn Mawr College Library

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Use of the Search Engine

Three tabs are provided to access the Graves Holdings Database. Search by Holdings allows an overview of the Graves material held by specific institutions. Search by Text allows one to search for specific items or subjects across the database. Search by Correspondents identifies the person, company or institution who may have corresponded or perhaps collaborated with Graves.

Search by Holdings

This provides a drop down menu with a list of the institutions which have holdings of Robert Graves material and which has been entered into the database. A search of the individual institutions produces an on-line, if somewhat simplified, EAD of the Graves related material reported to be held in that institution. Further details of the material can be obntained through the text search utility.

Note that a list of all the institutions which are reported have holdings of Robert Graves material may be found in Research Resources/Other Databases/Repositories with Graves Holdings.


Search by Correspondents

This is a quick way to find letters and authors other than Robert Graves in the collection. Two options are offered to identify the correspondents/authors,

1.  An alphabetical list which returns all surnames beginning with that letter,

2.  Name search which returns both surnames and first names. Note that the names are in “Surname, First Names” format.

When the returned names are clicked with the mouse, a short biographical identifier is shown to confirm the person or institution’s identity. Next to this text is an icon of an envelope. Clicking this icon will return all correspondence written or received by this correspondent and other material authored by him/her.

The correspondent/author code is then searched and the sub-series in which these occur are displayed.


Search by Text

This is a simple text search with filters for Holdings, Genre, and ON/OFF filter for Robert Graves as author.

This looks for all appearances of the text within the sub-series part of the database. This includes sub-series descriptions, notes and text, and also the codes for the bibliography, individual poems and the short prose.


Search Results

The results are presented hierarchically:




Subseries (not available in "Seach for Holdings")


Each level can be expanded to see the details and the sub-series level can also be printed. 



A bookmarks utility is available for those who log in.


About the Graves Holdings Database and Search Engine

The object of this relational database is to provide a finding aid for Robert Graves material in the archives of various holding institutions world-wide. It does not aim to describe individual items, but rather to point the researcher to what he may be after. Any material "found" should be then checked on the holding institution's website or with the librarian.

During his lifetime Robert Graves sold various manuscripts and letters when times were hard.  The bulk of his poetry manuscripts written prior to 1960 are at SUNY at Buffalo, those of the early 1960s are at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and finally his late poems are are at Eton College. Other poetry manuscripts may be found in many collections. His prose manuscripts are also scattered world wide. The University of Southern Illinois  has the largest. St John’s College, Oxford, has many of the shorter pieces. Letters from Graves are generally associated with the correspondence of the recipients. He rarely made copies. Much of the correspondence Graves received is at St John’s College although the ealier letters are mostly at Southern Illinois. Many of the holdings have not been fully catalogued by archivists. Others are in inventory form.

This database is under development but already includes the location of some 22,000 items of manuscripts, pamphlets, correspondence, and much more. The details have been taken recorded from various sources and vary according to the collection.

Additional data-bases with locations of  images, audio, and video resources found in the Graves Resources pages under Multimedia are not integrated in the relational database and are not accessed through this search engine.


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