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Welcome to the online edition of Robert Graves' diary

As you use the diary, please note any errors that you might come across and email me with them at:

The text of the diaries has been transcribed by Mrs Beryl Graves, corrected by Mr William Graves and parsed and processed for addition to an SQL database by Dr Ian Firla.

The diary is free to use as a research resource. However, it may not be published in part or in full without written permission from the St John's College Robert Graves Trust. There will be no charge for short extracts in academic publications. All permitted publications should state By Permission of the St John's College Robert Graves Trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. Which years are covered by the diary?

    A. 1935-1939 and 1956-1966

  2. Q. What about the other years?

    A. Robert Graves did not keep a diary in any other years.

  3. Q. When will the 1930s diary be online?

    A. Soon. The diary has been transcribed and it's almost ready to be fed into the database. Announcements will be made on the main web page as well as the online discussion forums as soon as it appears.

  4. Q. Can I use the contents of the diary in my research paper?

    A. Yes, with written permission from the St John's College Robert Graves Trust

  5. Q. Some of the time the text lacks formatting. Why?

    A. Because I may be working on the codes that render the pages. If the page remains broken for more than 5 or 10 minutes, please write to me at the address above and let me know. I may have inadvertantly introduced an error.

  6. Q. I'd like to print out the diaries, how can I do so without going through every day individually?

    A. Go to the main search page and choose a month and a year without selecting a day. This will give you a month-by-month listing of the diary.

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