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Aims of Trust

The aim of the St John's College Robert Graves Trust is to act as a clearing house for projects, studies and theses on Robert Graves' life and works and to provide means to enable this. To this end it:

  • Promotes the integrated cataloguing of letters, manuscripts, recordings, photographs and other extant Gravesiana in institutions in Britain, America and elsewhere so that interested persons can determine where and what material is available.
  • Locates manuscripts and letters still in private hands and ensure their safe keeping and preservation. The Trust is happy to advise holders, wishing to sell, on reputable establishments, willing to buy. However, the Trust is also happy to accept donations to augment the already important collection of Robert Graves correspondence which is housed in the St John"s Library where it is looked after by professional archivists. It is hoped, eventually, that the Trust will hold information (as a text, copy or even the original) for every extant letter Graves wrote.
  • Provide resources for anyone researching, studying, teaching or simply enjoying Graves.
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