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Introduction to Canellun, Library and furnishings

Canellun is the name which Robert Graves gave to the house he built in Deya, Mallorca. It means “The Far House” and is more correctly written in Catalan as Ca n’Alluny. He built it in 1932 and other than a 10 year interlude 1936 to 1946 (the Spanish Civil War and World War II) he lived there until his death in 1985.  Beryl Graves continued in the house until her death in 2003. The house was then sold by the heirs to the Fundació Robert Graves who, after some building work, opened it to the public in 2006.

Beryl bequeathed Robert’s working library and his manuscripts and letters to the St John’s College Robert Graves Trust. However, many books remained in the house.  His working library is now in the St John’s College Library, and may be checked on these pages or in more detail on OLIS. The remaining books have not been professionally catalogued but a full inventory is also presented.

The Robert Graves manuscripts and letters which were housed in Canellun on Beryl’s death, and which form the Beryl Graves bequest, are in the St John’s College Library. They may be checked through the Research Resources pages on this site.

An inventory of the furnishings in Canellun, will also be available soon.



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