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Composer: Addison, John (1920-) Published: 1965
Setting: mezzo-soprano or baritone and guitar
Title: "Apples and water",
Poems: Apples and water
Composer: Adler, Samuel Hans (1928-) , Setting: TTBB chorus a cappella,
Title: Two Views of Love,
Poems: Symptoms of love
Composer: Alvarez, Geoffrey Published: 2009
Setting: Bass and Orchestra
Publishers: Tousled Pillow - ; Narrow Sea =2065, Her Beauty =2066, The Window Pane =2067, The Green Woods of Unrest=2068
Title: My Last Muse: 5 Poems by Robert Graves for Bass and Orchestra
Poems: "The Tousled Pillow", "The Narrow Sea", "Her Beauty", "The Window Pane", "The Green Woods of Unrest"
Composer: Bainton, Edgar Leslie (1880-1956) , Published: 1928
Setting: SATB a cappella
Publishers: Oxford University Press, 1928: The Oxford Choral Songs
Title: "In the wilderness"
Poems: "In the wilderness"
Composer: Barber, Samuel (1910-1981) Published: 1969
Setting: high voice and piano,
Publishers: ED2163. The American Composers Series. 20th Century. 137 pages. Published by G. Schirmer (HL.50328780). ISBN 0793590256.
Title: "Despite and still" Op. 41
Poems: 1. "A last song", 3. "In the wilderness", 5 "Despite and still". (No 2 is by Roethke, and No 4 by James Joyce)
Composer: Berkeley, Sir Lennox (1903-1989) Published: 1972
Setting: high voice and piano
Publishers: Century of English Song VII, Ten songs for Tenor and piano. Thames
Title: "Counting the beats",
Poems: "Counting the beats",
Composer: Bevan, Albert E. Setting: tenor and orchestra
Title: "The succubus"
Poems: "The succubus"
Composer: Bielawa, Herbert (1930-) Published: 1969
Setting: four-part chorus of treble voices a cappella
Title: "The cradle",
Poems: "The cradle"
Composer: Blank, Allan (1925-) , Setting: medium voice and piano
Title: "The legs"
Poems: "The legs"
Composer: Blank, Allan (1925-) , Setting: SA chorus and piano
Title: "Two witches"
Poems: "Two witches"
Composer: Britten, (Edward) Benjamin (1913-1976) , Published: 1934
Setting: SATB chorus and piano,
Publishers: M051418503. Boosey and Hawkes Secular Choral. 12 pages. Published by Boosey & Hawkes (HL.48003212)
Title: Two Part-Songs,
Poems: "Lift boy" ("Tail Piece: A Song to Make You and Me Laugh" )
Composer: Crosse, Gordon (1937- ) Published: 1974
Setting: high voice and piano,
Title: Four songs,
Poems: "The Cool Web", "Allie", "Vanity" (a fourth is by Stevie Smith)
Composer: Dubery, David Published: 2005
Setting: for medium voice, recorder (S/A) and piano
Publishers: Hebden Bridge : Peacock Farm
Title: Three songs to poems by Robert Graves
Poems: "Under the olives", "I will write", "On giving"
Composer: Downie, Robin (1933- ) Published: Unpublished
Setting: Voice and piano
Publishers: Ms 1968
Title: Four songs to Words by Robert Graves
Poems: "Counting the Beats", "She Tell Her Love While Half Asleep", "Despite and Still", Seldon Yet Now"
Composer: Farkas, Ferenc (1905-2000) Published: Unpublished?
Setting: For Children‘s Choir
Publishers: Ms. 12 June1979.
Title: Two little Songs
Poems: "Double Red Roses", "Henry and Mary"
Composer: Farran, Ramon Published: 1976
Publishers: Farran Musica Dep. Legal B - 45.251 - 1976 (Bilinguial, translation to Spanish by Lucia Graves)
Title: EL OLIVO / OLIVE TREE, Poemas de Robert Graves y musica de Ramon Farran
Poems: "A Lost World", "All I Tell You from My Heart", "Olive Tree", "Seven Fresh Years", "The Far Side of Your Moon", "The Green-Sailed Vessel", "The Promise", "Three Words Only"
Composer: Finzi, Gerald (1901-1956) Published: 1923
Setting: voice and piano
Title: "The cupboard",
Poems: "The cupboard",
Composer: Gurney, Ivor (1890-1937) Published: 1920
Setting: voice and piano
Title: "Brittle bones",
Poems: "Brittle bones",
Composer: Gurney, Ivor (1890-1937) Published: 1938
Setting: voice and piano,
Publishers: London: Oxford University Press,
Title: A Second Volume of Ten Songs
Poems: "Hawk and buckle"1921?, ,
Composer: Gurney, Ivor (1890-1937) Published: 1938
Setting: mezzo-soprano or baritone and piano
Publishers: London: Oxford University Press,
Title: A First Volume of Ten Songs
Poems: "Nine of the clock" (first stanza),
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