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Composer: Gurney, Ivor (1890-1937) Published: 1927
Setting: voice and piano
Publishers: London: Stainer and Bell,
Title: "Star-Talk",
Poems: Star-Talk
Composer: Gurney, Ivor (1890-1937) Published: 1920
Setting: voice and piano
Title: "Loving Henry",
Poems: Loving Henry
Composer: Gurney, Ivor (1890-1937) Published: 1952
Setting: mezzo-soprano or baritone and piano
Publishers: London: Oxford University Press,
Title: "Goodnight to the meadow",
Poems: "Nine of the clock" (second stanza)
Composer: Heath, John Rippiner, 1877-1950. Published: 1920
Setting: Songs for piano
Publishers: London : Enoch E.& S.5453.
Title: "Cherry time"
Poems: "Cherry time"
Composer: Hattey, Philip Published: 1969
Setting: voice and piano,
Publishers: Boosey & Hawkes (1969)
Title: Seven Poems of Robert Graves
Poems: "Horizon", "Is now the time?", "Lift-Boy", "She tells her love while half asleep", "Lift-Boy", "The sharp ridge", "Two witches", "Variables of green".
Composer: Hoiby, Lee (1926- ) Published: 1952
Title: "She tells her love while half asleep",
Poems: "She tells her love while half asleep",
Composer: Holmes, Brian (1946- ) Setting: tenor, orchestra,
Title: The Trumpet and other Songs, .
Poems: "Allie"
Composer: Holloway, Robin Published: 1982
Setting: Soporano and piano
Publishers: Boosey & Hawkes 20654
Title: Wherever We May be: Five Poems of Robert Graves Op 46
Poems: "Olive tree", "The palm tree", "Robbers" den", "Fig tree in leaf", "Wherever we may be"
Composer: Hulme, Lance (1960- ) Published: 1993
Setting: Electronic
Publishers: In Pegno Music, LLC
Title: The Succubus, an electronic tone poem
Poems: Inspired by "The Succubus".
Composer: Hulme, Lance (1960- ) Published: 1991
Setting: soprano, mezzo soprano and chamber ensemble
Publishers: In Pegno Music, LLC
Title: Songs of the Cynics
Poems: "Symptoms of Love"
Composer: Kelly, Bryan (1934-) , Published: 1964
Setting: SATB chorus a cappella
Title: "The cradle"
Poems: "The cradle"
Composer: La Montaine, John (1920-) Published: 1969
Setting: soprano, alto, tenor, bass, narrator, piano or harp, timpani, and gong or cymbals,
Title: Wonder Tidings
Poems: "Three Kings" ("The Magi and King Herod")
Composer: Lauridsen, Morten ( Published: 1980
Setting: Choral
Publishers: Peermusic (PR.620751810).
Title: Mid-Winter Songs:
Poems: "Lament for Pasipha?", "She tells her love while half asleep", "Mid-Winter Waking","Intercession in Late October""Like Snow",
Composer: Melby, James Setting: Treble voices with optional second part and harpsichord (or piano)/ James Melby
Publishers: Boosey & Hawkes (1984)
Title: He Smiles Within His Cradle:
Composer: Mansker, Carl Published: early 1970s
Setting: Tenor, flute and percussion
Title: Studies in Black Op. 8
Poems: "The colours of night", "Black", "Song: The far side of your moon"
Composer: Mather, Bruce (1939- ) Published: 1957-8
Setting: soprano and string orchestra,
Title: Three songs to poems of Robert Graves
Poems: "Counting the beats", "Lost love", "The finding of love"
Composer: Mather, Bruce (1939- ) Published: 1960-2
Setting: soprano, baritone, SATB chorus, piano, and orchestra,
Title: The White Goddess,
Poems: "Lament for Pasiphae", "Sick love", "The Song of Blodeuwedd".
Composer: Maw, Nicholas (1935- ) Setting: tenor and piano
Title: "Counting the beats"
Poems: "Counting the beats"
Composer: Meredith, Evan Published: 1940
Title: Twelve Drinking Songs,
Poems: Includes "Labour in vain"
Composer: Schoonenbeek, Kees Published: 1991
Title: Eight English poems, *
Poems: Includes "In her only way"
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