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ID's are given to help archivists and researchers identify the persons or organizations.
Person ID Name Comments
ABBOT Abbott, Charles David (1900-1961) Director of the University Libraries, State University of New York at Buffalo, from 1934 to 1960. An authority on modern poetry, he was a prolific book collector and the founder the University's Twentieth-Century Poetry in English Collection.
ABERC Abercrombie, Nigel J. Probably author of The Early Life of Charles Butler ( 1750 - 83 ). The legal spokesman for the English Catholic laity.
ABERL Aberlen, Michel Unidentified
ABICA Abicair, Shirley (1930- Australian-born singer, musician, TV personality, actress and author.
ABRAM.R Abrams, Ross ( - 2006) Graduate of Richmond Professional Institute's School of Art and a decorated infantry combat veteran of World War II, made a successful career as an artist, with his paintings and prints in many collections both public and private. Married to the artist Mary Tatum (1925-1997), he settled in Deya in 1954.
ABSE Abse, Dannie (1923- Poet, born in Cardiff to Jewish parents. He studied Medicine in Wales and at King's College, London, qualifying as a doctor in 1950. His first collection of poetry, After Every Green Thing, was published in 1948, and he has continued to combine his careers as both a doctor (he was a specialist at the Central Medical Establishment chest clinic between 1954 and 1989) and writer, aspects of his life that, together with his Jewish background and Welsh nationality, are integral themes in his poetry
ACKER Ackerley, Joe Randolph (1896-1967) Writer, born in Herne Hill, Kent, SE England, UK. In 1965 he published My Dog Tulip, and in 1960 his only novel, We Think the World of You, in which an Alsatian dog plays a lead role. His book My Father and Myself (published posthumously in 1968) is a minor classic. He was also literary editor of The Listener (1935-59).
ACKR Ackroyd, Graham Unidentified
ACZEL Aczél, György (1917-1991) politician, communist ideologist, and the pre-eminent personality in the cultural policy of the János Kádár regime (1956-88) in Hungary.
ADAMS.V Adams, Valerie Unidentified correspondent from New York
ADLER Adler, Henry Unidentified. Wife Violette. Living in Roland Gardens, SW7 in 1975
ADRAN Adran, Louis Unidentified WHITE GODDESS correspondent
ADRIA Adrian , Edgar D. (1889-1977) Master of Trinity College, Cambridge
ADY Ady, Peter Honorine Charismatic Tutor in Economics, 1947-1981, St Anne's, Oxford
AIKEN.C Aiken, Conrad (1889-1973) American poet, short story writer, critic and novelist. Most of Aiken's work reflects his intense interest in psychoanalysis and the development of identity. As editor of Emily Dickinson's Selected Poems (1924) he was largely responsible for establishing that poet's posthumous literary reputation. From the 1920s Aiken divided his life between England and the United States, playing a significant role in introducing American poets to the British audience.
ALBAT.ORG Albatross Limited Publishing firm
ALBERT Albert, Michael Possibly Deya Neighbour 1960s
ALDIN Aldin, Rita D. Neighbour on Mallorca
ALDRC Aldrich, Michael R. Program coordinator of the California AIDS Intervention Training Center which trains community health outreach workers for the State of California; and curator of the Fritz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library, the nation's largest private collection of drug literature, San Francisco.
ALDRI Aldridge, John (1905-1983) Painter and illustrator. Illustrated Laura Riding's LIFE OF THE DEAD, several book jackets for Graves including I,CLAUDIUS, COUNT BELISARIUS and many others. Married Lucie Brown (nee Saunders), and then Gretl Cameron (nee Bajardi, Norman Cameron's widow).
ALEGR Alegria, Claribel (1924- ) El Salvadorian Poet & Writer. M. Bud Flakoll. Owned house in Deya 1960-1980s
ALEX.W Alexander, L.Wayne Attorney for Pollock, Bloom & Decom, representing Peter Bogdanovich.
ALLAN Allan, Mary Frank Prewett's companion for the last 13 years of his life. Psychologist. Met Prewett in the army.
ALLEN Allen, Mary Unidentified - Possibly friend from Galmpton Days? Check in Seymour-Smith letters
ALLEN.R Allen, Robert F. Jr Unidentified -Lewiston Maine in 1975
ALLENB Allenby, Vicount (1861-1936) General Edmund Allenby commander of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force in 1917 - T.E. Lawrence's C.O.
ALLING Allingham, Margery (1904-1966) English crime writer born in Ealing, London, who produced many novels, short stories and plays, mainly in the crime and mystery genres. She is best known as creator of the detective/adventurer Albert Campion.
ALS.Dr Alston, Dr Unidentified. In America. (Not Dr Casco Alston)
ALST Alston, Margie First married to Damian Tarrasa, who dealt with Graves's affairs in Palma. Then to Dr Casco Alston in New York
ALVAR Alvarez Feldman, Carmen Sculptress. Made a bronze bust of Graves presented in July 1975.
AMIS.H Amis, Hilary nee Bardwell First wife of Kingsley Amis and mother of Martin Amis
AMIS.K Amis, Kingsley (1922-1995) English novelist, poet, critic and teacher. He wrote more than twenty novels, three collections of poetry, short stories, radio and television scripts, and books of social and literary criticism. Awarded CBE. He fathered the English novelist Martin Amis.
AMPHL.ORG Messrs. Amphlett & Co. Solicitors
ANDER.A Anderson, Alston (1924- ? ) "Naturalized American Negro born in Panama in1924". Studied at the Sorbonne. Graves wrote introduction to LOVER MAN. Lived in Deya periodically.
ANDER.A2 Anderson, Alice Alston Anderson's mother
ANDER.J Anderson, John Unidentified
ANDER.M Anderson, Margaret Unidentified - Author of massive amount of letters to Graves.
ANDER.W Anderson, Wallace unidentified
ANDRE Andrews, John Williams (1898 - 1975) Poet, author. Editor of "Poet Lore".
ANDRE.A Andrews, Anne Unidentified American correspondent
ANDRE.P Andrews, Lieut. Col. P.B.S. Historian
ANDRO Andromedas, John "Greek Kinship Terms in Everyday Use" by John Andromedas, in American Anthropologist, New Series, Vol. 59, No. 6 (Dec., 1957), pp. 1086-1088
ANGEL Angell, Roger Editor "New Yorker"
ANGOF Angoff, Allan Worked for "Tomorrow" magazine
ANGU.I Angus, Ian Librarian King's College, London - Liddell Hart Papers -1980
ANSL.J Ansley, John Saturday Review
ANST.J Anstey, John Editor of the Daily Telegraph Magazine in 1970s
ANTIEL Antheil, George (1900-1959) American composerâ
ANTIK Antikvariaatti, Kirja Unidentified
ARCHB Archbishop of Wales *
ARCH-DIG.ORG Architectural Digest *
ARDIZ Ardizzone, Edward R.A. (1900-1979) Edward Ardizzone was born in Haiphong, French Indochina. He was a painter and graphic artist. He wrote and illustrated "Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain (1936)" and illustrated more than 100 books, the most famous of which was Magic Carpet. Among these was Robert Graves's "Penny Fiddle" and "Ann ant Highwood Hall".
ARMBR Armbruster, C. H. (Carl Hubert), 1874-1957 Author of Initia Amharica; an introduction to spoken Amharic (Volume pt. 1)
ARMST Armstrong, Terence Ian Fytton (1912-1970) a.k.a. John Gawsworth British writer, poet and compiler of anthologies, both of poetry and of short stories. He also used the pseudonym Orpheus Scrannel (alludes to Milton's Lycidas). As literary executor to Shiel, Gawsworth also inherited the throne of the Kingdom of Redonda styling himself H.M.Juan I.
ARNELL Arnell, Richard English composer of classical music. (Letter at SUNY 1968)
ARNO.M Arnold, Sir Malcolm (1921-2006) English composer and symphonist. He was made a CBE in 1970 and knighted in 1993. Was approached to compose music for "Solomon and Sheba"
ARON Aron, Robert Would-be author (1979)
ARROW Arrowsmith, William (1924-1992) American classicist. This man of letters was educated at Princeton and Oxford, and was awarded ten honorary degrees[1]. Arrowsmith translated Petroniusâ
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