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ID's are given to help archivists and researchers identify the persons or organizations.
Person ID Name Comments
ASCO Ascoli, Max Of The Reporter, 1959.
ASCO.D Ascoli, David Director at Cassell & Co Ltd
ASHBY.M Ashby, Mary Roman scholar? Married to Thomas Ashby (1874-1931), the first scholar and third Director of the British School at Rome.
ASHE.G Ashe, Geoffrey Author of King Arthur's Avalon and The Quest for Arthur's Britain, etc
ASHER Asher, Richard President of CBS records in 1977
ASHWE Ashwell, Lena Unidentified. Married to Henry Simpson?
ASPRE Asprey Robert Former US Marine captain and an accomplished and esteemed military historian. "The Reign Of Napoleon Bonaparte". Friend of Liddell-Hart. Visited Mallorca.
ASQUI Asquith, H.H. 1st earl of Oxford and Asquith (1852-1928) Liberal prime minister of Great Britain (1908-16), who was responsible for the Parliament Act of 1911, limiting the power of the House of Lords, and who led Britain during the first two years of World War I.
ASQUI.M Asquith, Margot Wife of Prime Minister H. H. Asquith; author
ASTLEY Astley, Francis Dept of Classics U.C. Gold Coast, later U. Of Ghana.
ASTON Aston, Frederick Alfred Probably author of "The Challenge of the Ages; New Light on Isaiah 53."
ATKIN Atkinson, Carol worked for Collins-Knowlton-Wing
ATLANTIC.ORG Atlantic Monthly Atlantic Monthly Press, Boston, an imprint in association with Little, Brown & Co.
AUDEN Auden, W.H. (1907-1973) Anglo-American poet, regarded by many as one of the greatest writers of the 20th century.[2] His work is noted for its stylistic and technical achievements, its engagement with moral and political issues, and its variety of tone, form and content.[3][4] The central themes of his poetry are love, politics and citizenship, religion and morals, and the relationship between unique human beings and the anonymous, impersonal world of nature.
AUERB Auerbach, John (1922-2002) Born in Warsaw in 1922, and served as a soldier in the Polish army at the beginning of the Second World War. During the German occupation, he escaped from the Warsaw Ghetto and worked on German ships as a stoker under a false identity. He was caught trying to escape to Sweden in a stolen boat, and was sent to the Stutthof concentration camp. After to the war, he went to Sweden and worked on Swedish ships. Here, he joined the Mossad Aliyah B and transported refugees to Israel for three years. He was captured by the British and was detained in a Cyprus camp for two years. On his release to Israel, he came to Kibbutz Sdot Yam, where he was a skipper of fishing boats. After Officers Training in Acre, he served as a Chief Engineer in the Israeli Merchant Marines for fifteen years. Upon the death of his son in the 1973 War, he left the sea and returned to the Kibbutz where he wrote and published twelve books of short stories and novellas (translated into Hebrew), as well as stories published in American literary magazines. Auerbach's short story, The Owl, was awarded First Prize in the first PEN/UNESCO Awards in 1993. He died in 2002. Long correspondence with Graves.
AUERB.C Auerbach, Carl Walter Auerbach's brother. In the toy business? Married to Barbara (who wore a monocle).
AUERB.I Auerbach, Irene Wife of John Auerbach
AUERB.I2 Auerbach, Irene Unidentified (Possibly IRENE Auerbach wife of John Auerbach)
AUERB.W Auerbach, Walter Photographer and set designer. Lived in Deya
AUFSS.A Aufsess in Aufsess, Agnes von Graves's aunt
AUSTI Austin, Michael British screen writer and director. Wrote the script for THE SHOUT (1978)
AVED Avedon , Richard (1923-2004) American photographer. Avedon was able to take his early success in fashion photography and expand it into the realm of fine art. "Sometimes I think all my pictures are just pictures of me. My concern is...the human predicament; ...
AVI-Y Avi-Yonah, Michael (1904-1974) Professor of Archaeology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
AXEL.S Axelrod , Steven J. Literary Agent: With Curtis Brown, Ltd then formed The Axelrod Agency
B_zz_Beth-Ann Beth-Ann Was in Deya in late 1960s. Surname unknown.
BADGE Badger, Richard G ( Proprietor of the Gorham Press
BAEKE.A Baekeland, Tony Great-grandson of Leo Baekeland, a multi-millionaire industrialist, famous as the inventor of the first fully synthetic plastic, Bakelite, in 1909. He murdering his mother Barbara Baekeland with a carving fork in London in 1972. In Deya in 1968.
BAEKE.B Baekeland, Barbara Married to the grandson of Leo Baekeland, a multi-millionaire industrialist, famous as the inventor of the first fully synthetic plastic, Bakelite, in 1909. they had a son, Anthony, a homosexual. For a long time, Barbara even tried to "cure" her son by hiring willing girls to take him to bed. When these hoped-for seductions failed, she sometimes talked of suicide... in 1968, Barbara finally decided to seduce the boy herself. In a grotesque attempt to cure Tony of his homosexuality, Barbara coerced him into having sex with her when they were staying alone together in a house on Majorca.
BAIL-G Baillie-Grohman, Lt Commander Michael Unidentified
BAINE Baines, Keith (1924-1984) Author of LE MORTE D'ARTHUR (1962)- Rendition in modern idiom. Introduction by Robert Graves. Baines came out to Deya and lived in the village a couple of years (late 1950s) because of their friendship
BAIRA Bairacli Levy, Juliette de (1914- ) Author, herbalist, rearer of Afghan Hounds
BAIS Baisden, Frank (1904- American landscape painter. Friend of Schyler Jackson
BAJAR Bajardi, Margareta (Gretl) Ana Maria ( - 1983) m. Norman Cameron, then John Aldridge
BAKER Baker, Anthony Editor/Owner of Gruffyground Press
BAKER.G Baker, George Actor. Played Tiberius in the B.B.C's highly acclaimed â
BAKER.GR Baker, Gerald Mallorca Resident. - Married to Pamela Legge
BAKER.L Baker, Leslie F. London Films
BALAB Balaban, Peter Editorial Director of Corvina Press, Budapest (1973)
BALC.M Balcon, Sir Michael (1896-1977) British film producer, known for his work with the Ealing Studios. He produced his first film (Women to Women) in the early 1920's, launching Alfred Hitchcock's career and building up a big annual production programme of sound films for Gainsborough and Gaumont-British. Head of MGM English production, 1936-38, then in charge of production at Ealing. Knighted 1948. A regular and committed spokesman for the British film industry, especially in the 1940s. After Ealing, produced some films independently Sammy Going South (1962), and helped form Bryanston Films, a group of independent film-makers including several ex-Ealing colleagues. After a frustrating period as Chairman of British Lion (1964-68), became Chairman of the British Film Institute's Experimental Film Fund, retiring 1972.
BALL.O Ball, Oona H. Mrs Sidney Ball, author of THEIR OXFORD YEAR, Methuen, 1909 and others.
BANK-HDL.ORG Bank Handlowy, Warsaw Graves's bank in Poland
BANKS Banks, Stephen Married Graves's sister-in-law Liza (Penny) Nicholson.
BANK-TR.ORG Banker's Trust Company *
BAR.T Bar, Tala Unidentified. "I have just finished translating your WHITE GODDESS into Hebrew."
BARB.R Barber, Rosemary at A.P. Watt & Son
BARB.S Barber, Stan Unidentified
BARBU.D Barbour, Douglas Unidentified
BARBU.N Barbour, Neville Unidentified - Probably author of Misi Dominus - A survey of the Palestine Controversy, and ? friend of T.E.Lawrence
BARD Bard, Unidentified [May just be an address to Graves]
BARKE.A Barker, Arthur English publisher. Founder of Arthur Barker Ltd. Published Graves's I,CLAUDIUS, CLAUDIUS THE GOD, THE REAL DAVID COPPERFIELD.
BARKE.G Barker, George (1913-1991) English poet and writer. In his early twenties, Barker had already been published by T. S. Eliot at Faber and Faber, who also helped him to gain appointment as Professor of English Literature in 1939 at Tohoku University (Sendai, Miyagi, Japan). He left there in 1940 due to the hostilities, but wrote Pacific Sonnets during his tenure. He then travelled to the United States where he began his longtime liaison with writer Elizabeth Smart, by whom he had five of his fifteen children. He returned to England in 1943. From the late 1960s until his death, he lived in Itteringham, Norfolk, with his wife Elspeth Barker, the novelist. In 1969 he published the poem At Thurgarton Church, the village of Thurgarton being a few miles from Itteringham. Barker's novel "The Dead Seagull", published in 1950, described his affair with Smart, whose 1945 novel "By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept" was also about the affair.
BARKE.L Barker, Lee Worked for Doubleday
BARKE.ORG Arthur Barker Ltd London Publishers
BARKS Barks, Stan Unidentified
BARNA Barnard, Mary (1909 -2001) Known for her clear translations of the works of Sappho. She also worked as a social worker, curator, research assistant and freelance writer. She won a Levinson Award of Poetry in 1935, an Elliston Award for her Collected Poems, a Western States Book Award in 1986, for Time and the White Tigress, and a Woman of Achievement in 1988.
BARNE Barnes, John "I left the University of Chicago without taking a degree. My first choice of profession: the theatre, but for various reasons (mostly a compelling need to make a living) drifted into radio, film, and later television. Thus began a number of incomparable years of working and living (together with my wife and an ever-growing family) in England, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Canada and America as a film-maker (writer, director, producer, sometimes editor and cameraman) of documentary, theatrical, non-theatrical, and art films -- perhaps a hundred or more with such titles as The Living City, The Odyssey, Spirit of the Renaissance, John Keats, The Portable Phonograph, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Magic Prison, Chartres Cathedral, Marcel Marceau's Art of Silence, Shaw versus Shakespeare, The Cherry Orchard, and so on."
BAROU Barouch, Eliezer Israeli student when Graves visited Israel
BARR.G Barratt, Glyn Unidentified. Aspiring novelist at Churchill College Cambridge in 1964.
BARRET Barrett, Ken WWI Army officer who met Graves when both were convalescing at Sommerville College, Oxford. (See LETTERS TO KEN ed. By Harvey Sarner, Brunswick Press 1997)
BARR-F Barre-Fusard, Jan Unidentified
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