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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves

A5.1 CHRISTMAS 1920 1920

First edition:

CHRISTMAS | 1920 | [short rule]

Collation: stiff card folded at centre, 2 leaves.

p.[1] title-page; p.[2] “Gifts”; p.[3] illustration; p.[4] colophon.

17.9 × 11.4 cm. White stiff card. Illustration printed in black, red, green, blue, and yellow on cream background. Colophon: This is Number Four of a series | of six Christmas Cards by | modern artists and is designed by Nancy Nicholson. | Published by Lund, Humphries | & Co., Limited at Three | Amen Comer, London, | E.C. 4, and printed at | the Country Press | Bradford

Price: unknown; number of copies unknown; published in late 1920.

Notes: Graves’s contribution is “Gifts,” or “Henry and Mary”; see A8.

There is a second state of this card in which the text on p. [1] is covered by a cream paper label printed in black: [rectangular single rule box enclosing all:] | CHRISTMAS

Presumably, the publisher altered unsold cards to obscure the date “1920” so that the remaining stock of cards could be sold later without reference to the 1920 Christmas season.

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