Books by or About Robert Graves
Below are some links to the websites of various publishing houses who publish Robert's works. For a complete list of book titles by Robert Graves, in or out of print, please click HERE

Carcanet Press

Devotedly, unostentatiously, Carcanet has evolved into a poetry publisher whose independence of mind and largeness of heart have made everyone who cares about literature feel increasingly admiring and grateful.

In 1995 Carcanet embarked, under their director Michael Schmidt, and to commemorate Graves’s Centenary, on a ‘Robert Graves Programme’. Over some fifteen years they published, under the editor-in-chief Patrick Quinn, virtually all of Graves’s work in 25 volumes. The most important of these were the three volumes of Robert’s Complete Poems, with commentary, although they also published a simple Complete Poems in one thick volume. This is the basis of the Penguin Paperback edition.

Faber & Faber

Faber is one of the world’s great independent publishing houses. Since we were founded in 1929, poetry has been at the heart of our publishing, with T. S. Eliot as our first Poetry Editor.

Penguin Books

Some time ago – in 1934, to be precise – our founder was waiting for a train and couldn’t find anything good to read. What was needed, he realised, were quality books at a reasonable price. And so he decided to change things – the following year Penguin was launched, kickstarting a paperback revolution that would sweep the world.

Random House (US)

Penguin Random House is the international home to more than 300 editorially and creatively independent publishing imprints. Our mission is to ignite a universal passion for reading by creating books for everyone. We believe that books, and the stories and ideas they hold, have the unique capacity to connect us, change us, and carry us toward a better future for generations to come.

Rossetta Books (US)

Rosetta Books is a leading independent publisher headquartered in New York City. It pioneered by building a 700-eBook catalog of iconic titles. For the past five years, Rosetta Books’ trade program has focused on high profile thought leadership titles.

Seren Books (UK)

Here you can get Robert Graves: War Poems edited by Charles Mundye.

Seven Stories Press (US)

Founded in 1995, Seven Stories Press publishes uncompromising political books, fiction, and poetry.

Audible Books

A number of books by Robert graves are available in audible format.