The copyright of all of Robert Graves's writings (other than his diaries and certain letters) belong to The Robert Graves Copyright Trust and must be in all cases acknowledged.


For permission to reproduce extracts in the English language in any form (including WWW) from published poetry or prose, apply to

Permissions Department
Carcanet Press
4th Floor, Alliance House
30 Cross Street
Manchester M2 7AQ
Tel:  +44 (0) 161 834 8730
Fax: +44 (0) 161 832 0084



For all other permissions (foreign language rights, performing rights, electronic rights, etc) apply to:

A.P.Watt at United Agents
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www@united   (see permissions page for prices)


The copyright of the Robert Graves Diaries shown in or linked to from these pages belong to the St John’s College Robert Graves Trust.


Fair dealing

Limited extracts may be used free of charge providing correct attribution and acknowledgement is given if the work in which the extract is to appear is published for the purpose of criticism or review and if the extract falls into the following categories:-

  • Prose: a single extract of up to 400 words or series of extracts, none exceeding 300 words, totalling 800 words
  • Poetry: up to 40 lines providing no more than a quarter of the poem is used (if more than one poem, add up individual lines)

Please note that biographies do not generally fall into this category, and fair dealing does not apply to anthologies, musical settings or unpublished works.