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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves


a. First edition:

The Marmosite’s | Miscellany. | JOHN DOYLE. | Published by Leonard and Virginia Woolf at | The Hogarth Press, 52, Tavistock Square, W.C.1. | 1925.

Collation: 1/24/8, 12 1eaves.

p.[1] THE | MARMOSITE’S MISCELLANY; p.[2] blank; p.[3] title-page; p.[4] Note; pp.5–23 text; p.[24] blank.

22.5 × 14.7 cm. Bulk: 0.5 cm. White wove paper; all edges trimmed. White wove endpapers. Bound in mauve and yellow floral boards; back and spine blank; front has label: [rectangular double box rule enclosing all:] THE | MARMOSITE’S MISCELLANY | JOHN DOYLE

Price: 3s. Number of copies unknown. Published in December 1925.

Woolmer/Hogarth #59 reports that the Sussex ledger shows 106 copies sold by 6 January 1928.

Contents: To M. in India; with the Poem that Follows – The Marmosite’s Miscellany – Tail Piece – Notes – The Moment of Weakness

Notes: Acknowledged by Graves by republication in A23, see also C217.

I have examined copy of the book with a review slip written in Virginia Woolf’s hand which gives the publication date as “Nov. 30”. The review slip also states “John Doyle = Robert Graves”.

A copy of this book offered for sale by Bertram Rota Ltd, Catalogue 300, October 2002 had loosely inserted a letter from Graves to [J. B.] Piker, the literary agent, one page, no date, Islip, explaining that he used the pseudonym “ . . . in order not to interfere with two other verse books of mine published this autumn . . .”

In Catalogue 213, item 108 (circa 1939), of Frank Hollings, a London bookseller, is a copy described as being in ‘stiff wrappers’. It is speculated that this is a proof, advance or trial copy.

Reference: Woolmer/Hogarth.

A18b. First Canadian edition (1975):

[in black and red:] THE | Robert Graves MARMOSITE’S | MISCELLANY | 1975 | THE PHAROS PRESS | Victoria, British Columbia

Collation: [1] – [2]8 [3]414]8, 28 leaves.

p.[1] THE MARMOSITE’S MISCELLANY; p[2] blank; p.[3] title-page; p.[4] copyright and printer’s notices; p.[5] [all in red:] Preface; p.[6] [incipit:] A sniff at every flask; pp.7–10 To M. in India; with the Poem that Follows [text of the poem in red]; pp.11–42 text [head-title in red and text black]; pp.43–47 NOTES; p.[48] blank; pp.49–52 [all in red:] The Moment of Weakness [text of poem in black]; p.[53] blank; p.[54] THIS EDITION OF | The Marmosite’s Miscellany | IS PUBLISHED IN CELEBRATION OF | THE EIGHTIETH BIRTHDAY OF | Robert Graves The edition consists of seven hundred and fifty numbered copies of | which six hundred and seventy are printed on Rolland’s Zephyr Book | paper and numbers one to eighty specially bound and signed copies on | Strathmore’s Grandee paper. The typeface is Intertype Baskerville with | Arrighi display italics and Centaur titles. | THIS IS COPY NUMBER [number written in over dots] [Graves’ signature] ; pp. [55]–[56] blank.

22.6 ×15.1 cm. Bulk: 0.4/0.9 cm.White wove paper; all edges trimmed. Endpapers printed on outward facing side in a series of floral patterns. Copies 1–80 bound in olive cloth and copies 81–750 bound simulated olive cloth; front and back blank; spine stamped in gold, top to bottom: Robert Graves THE MARMOSITE’S MISCELLANY The Pharos Press

Price: $60.00 Canadian, copies 1–80 and $20.00 Canadian, for the remainder. Number of copies: 750. Published in 1975. Copies 1–80 without dust-jacket in slipcase; copies 81–750 without dust-jacket or slipcase.

Note: I have examined a copy bound in olive cloth (as were the first 80 copies) and marked in ink (in an unknown hand) on the colophon page: "OUT OF SERIES". It is signed by the author. A note written in pencil (by an unknown person) indicates there were 15 out of series copies produced. The copy examined was not furnished in a slipcase.

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