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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves


First edition:

IMPENETRABILITY | OR | THE PROPER HABIT OF ENGLISH | ROBERT GRAVES | [publisher’s emblem] | Published by Leonard & Virginia Woolf at The | Hogarth Press, 52 Tavistock Square, London, W.C.1 | 1926

Collation: [1]8 2–48, 32 leaves.

p.[1] IMPENETRABILITY | OR | THE PROPER HABIT OF ENGLISH; p.[2] publisher’s advertisements; p.[3] title-page; p.[4] printer’s notice; pp.5–61 text; p.[62] text and printer’s notice; pp. [63]–[64] publisher’s advertisements.

16.6 × 10.4 cm. Bulk: 0.7/1.0 cm. White wove paper; all edges trimmed. White wove endpapers. Bound in blue-green boards; front and back have ovals containing: Hogarth Essays and Second Series plus additional oval and circular designs; spine printed in black from bottom to top: IMPENETRABILITY· By ROBERT GRAVES

Price: 2s. 6d. Number of copies: 1,000. Published in March 1927. Woolmer/Hogarth #93.

Notes: Issued as Hogarth Essays, Second Series, Number III. Cover design by Vanessa Bell. Reprinted in part in Chapter I of A55.

Woolmer says that of 1,000 copies printed, 400 were pulped.

A copy of the book is reported in the “Book Received” column of the Manchester Guardian on 12 March 1927, p. 11.

Reference: Woolmer/Hogarth #93.

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