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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves


THE SEIZIN PRESS | [drawing by Len Lye] | NECESSARY BOOKS | Our plan is to print necessary books | by various particular people. A neces- | sary book may be either a Trouble or a | No Trouble book. A Trouble book | is necessary trouble taking and trouble | making. A No Trouble book is neces– | sary no trouble taking and no trouble | making. | 1929

Collation: A folio sheet folded twice, four leaves connected at the top.

p.[1] title-page; pp.[2]–[3] blank; p.[4] list of Seizin books One to Four; p.[5] BETWEEN DARK AND DARK | [page number ‘9’ at bottom, though it actually appears as page 1 of Poems 1929, Seizin Three, 1929]; pp.[6]–[7] blank; p.[8] announcement of forthcoming Seizin books and directions for ordering.

21.8 × 14.8 cm. Bulk: 0.1 cm. White laid paper watermarked with hammer and anvil.

Price: Gratis. Number of copies unknown. Published in 1929.

Notes: Printed on Riding and Graves’s Seizin press at Hammersmith in 1929. This is the first printing of ‘Between Dark and Dark.’

This was formerly listed as B17.1

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