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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves

A33 POEMS 1929 1929

First edition:

POEMS 1929 | BY | ROBERT GRAVES | [publisher’s emblem] | Printed and published at The Seizin Press | 35a St. Peter’s Square Hammersmith | London 1929

Collation: [1] –[3]8, 24 leaves.

p.[i]–[ii] pasted down as front endpaper; pp.[iii]–[iv] blank; p.[v] POEMS 1929; p.[vi] 225 numbered copies of SEIZIN THREE have been printed | and this is number | [number written in by hand] | [signature of Graves]; p.[vii] title-page; p.[viii] blank; pp.1–31 text; p.[32] blank; p.33 CONTENTS; p.[34] blank; p.[35] publisher’s advertisements; pp.[36]–[38] blank; pp.[39]–[40] pasted down as endpaper.

20.3 × 13.4 cm. Bulk: 0.4/0.9 cm. White laid paper; all edges trimmed; watermarked with a hammer and anvil, BS and seal: BRITISH HAND MADE enclosing four clasped hands. Bound in yellow-green buckram; front and back blank; spine stamped in gold, from bottom to top: POEMS 1929 : ROBERT GRAVES

Price: 12s. 6d. Number of copies: 225. Published in December 1929 (but see note below).

Contents: Between Dark and Dark – In No Direction – In Broken Images – To the Galleys – Warning to Children – A Dismissal – Guessing Black or White – Hector – Against Kind – Midway – Green Cabbage Wit – Castle – Railway Carriage – Back Door – Front Door – The Tow-Path – Repair Shop Landscape – Sandhills – Pavement – Return Fare – Single Fare – It Was All Very Tidy – A Sheet of Paper – Contents

Notes: “Between Dark and Dark” was published in a one sheet flier in 1929, see A30.1.

The first and second editions of this bibliography indicate that the date of publication is December 1929. The publication date of July 1929 is listed in Stewart, James D., Editor. The English Catalogue of Books for 1929. London: The Publisher’s Circular, Limited 1930. A review of A33 by Herbert E. Plamer was published in Everyman, 24 October 1929, p. 318.

An as new copy in the author’s library was in a plain glassine wrapper which is thought to be original.

The book was offered for sale in the U.S. at $2.50.

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