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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves


a. First edition:

The Islands of Unwisdom | BY ROBERT GRAVES | [publisher’s emblem] | DOUBLEDAY & COMPANY, INC. Garden City, New York, 1949

Collation: [1]–[11]l6, 176 leaves.

2 pp. blank; p.[i] The Islands of Unwisdom; p.[ii] list of novels by Graves; p.[iii] title-page; p.[iv] copyright and printer’s and first edition notices; p.[v] epigraphs (3 ll. and 4 ll.); p.[vi] blank; pp.vii–viii Contents; pp.ix–xi MEMBERS OF THE EXPEDITION MENTIONED BY NAME; p.[xii] blank; pp.xiii–xv Introduction; p.[xvi] blank; pp.[1] 2–328 text, with pp.[10, 23, 35, 51, 62, 76, 91, 102, 113, 128, 141, 153, 167, 179, 192, 205, 218, 230, 245, 258, 274, 287, 299, 311, 320, ] unnumbered; pp. [327]328 HISTORICAL EPILOGUE; [329]–[332] blank.

21.1× 14.3 cm. Bulk: 2.3/2.9 cm. White wove paper; top edges only trimmed and stained brown gold. White wove endpapers with identical maps back and front;inner free sides blank. Bound in wine-red cloth; front and back blank; spine stamped in gold: ROBERT | GRAVES | [decorative rule] | The | Islands | of | Un- | wisdom | [decorative rule] | DOUBLEDAY

Price: $3.50. Number of copies: 12,000 (in two printings). Published 3 November 1949 in white dust-jacket printed in black and multi-colour, browns predominating.

Note: This book has been translated into Czech, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish.

A64b. First English edition ([1950)]:


Collation: [1]16 2–1316 148, 216 leaves.

p.[i] THE ISLES OF UNWISDOM; p.[ii] list of books by Graves; p. [iii] title-page; p.[iv] publication, printing and printer’s notices; p.v CONTENTS;–vii MEMBERS OF THE EXPEDITION; pp. [viii]–[ix] map; p.[x] epigraph (7 ll.); pp.xi–xiv INTRODUCTION; pp.1–415 text; pp. 416–417 HISTORICAL EPILOGUE; p. [418] blank.

18.4 × 12.3 cm. Bulk: 2.5/2.9 cm. White wove paper; all edges trimmed. White wove endpapers. Bound in black cloth; front and back blank; spine stamped in gold: [heavy rulel | [light rule] | THE ISLES | of | UNWISDOM | ROBERT | GRAVES | [light rule] | [heavy rule] | CASSELL

Price: 10s.6d. Number of copies: 14,988. Published 20 April 1950 in white dust-jacket printed in red, blue, yellow, pale olive green, brown and black. Dust-jacket art by Barbosa.

Notes: Copies have been seen in dust-jackets with the front flap printed with a rule below the text, below which is printed in black: OVERSEAS EDITION | 10′6 net. Other copies have the domestic jacket rubber-stamped on the front flap in purple ink: ‘OVERSEAS’. Copies for sale in Canada are in jackets with a printed price of ‘$2.50 net’. A review slip bears the notation “just received in Canada June 5/50”.

A64c. Readers Union impression (1952):

Robert Graves | [decorative swirl] | THE ISLES | OF UNWISDOM | London [Readers Union emblem] 1952 | READERS UNION ∙ CASSELL

Collation: [1]8 [2]16 3/3*–14/14*8/8, 216 leaves.

p.[i] ISLES OF UNWISDOM; p. [ii] list of novels by Graves; p. [iii] title-page; p.[iv] edition notice, colophon, and acknowledgement; remainder as A64b.

17.2 × 11.1 cm. Bulk: 1.5/1.9 cm. White wove paper; all edges trimmed. White wove endpapers. Bound in light blue cloth; front and back blank; spine stamped in gold: [heavy rule] | [light rule] | ROBERT | GRAVES | The | Isles of | Unwisdom |[ light rule] | [two heavy rules] | [light rule] | [Readers Union emblem] | [light rule] |[heavy rule]

Price: 4s.6d. Number of copies: more than 25,000. Published in May 1952 in a tan dust-jacket printed in blue-green. The jacket design by Kenneth Lindley.

Note: At least one copy collates 2/2*8/8

A64d. Second American edition ([1962]):

[entire text flush right; first word above floral design:] THE ISLANDS OF | UNWISDOM | ROBERT GRAVES | [rule]

Collation: 160 leaves, glued at spine.

p.[1] publisher’s advertisements; p.[2] publisher’s notices; p. [3] title-page; p.[4] epigraph, copyright and arrangement notices; p.[5] CONTENTS; pp.[6] —[7] map; pp.[8]–[9] list of characters; p.[10] blank; pp.[11]–[13] Introduction; p.[14] blank; pp.15–317 text; pp.318–319 HISTORICAL EPILOGUE; p.[320] blank.

18.1 × 10.7 cm. Bulk: 1.6 cm. White wove paper; all edges trimmed and stained green. Bound in white paper covers printed in yellow, brown, red, green, yellowish pink, blue, black and tan, inner sides blank.

Price: $0.75. Number of copies undisclosed. Published in 1962.

Note: This edition is Avon Book V-2062.

A64e. Second English edition ([1989]):

Robert Graves | [rule] | THE ISLES OF | UNWISDOM | ARENA

Collation: 176 leaves, glued at the spine.

p. [i] [rule] | THE ISLES OF UNWISDOM | [rule] | [a one-paragraph biographical note]; p. [ii] list of other books by Graves published by Arena; p. [iii] title-page; p. [iv] epigraphs, publisher’s and printer’s notices; p. v CONTENTS; pp. vi-vii MEMBERS OF THE EXPEDITION | MENTIONED BY NAME; pp. viii-x INTRODUCTION; pp. 1-337 text, with pp. [22] - [23] being unnumbered and maps; pp. 338-339 HISTORICAL EPILOGUE; pp. [340]–[342] publisher’s advertisements.

19.2 × 12.5 cm. Bulk: 1.9 cm. White wove paper; all edges trimmed. Bound in white paper covers printed in black, silver, brown and blue. Cover illustration by Jonathan Mercer.

Price: £4.99. Number of copies unknown. Published 2 February 1989.

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