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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves

A78 ¡CATACROK! [1956]

First edition:

¡CATACROK! | Mostly Stories, Mostly Funny | by | ROBERT GRAVES | [publisher’s emblem] | CASSELL & CO LTD | LONDON

Collation: [A]8 B–N8, 104 leaves.

p.[1] ¡CATACROK!; p.[2] blank; p.[3] title-page; p. [4] publisher’s, publication, copyright and printer’s notices; pp.5–6 CONTENTS; pp.7–8 FOREWORD; pp.9–203text; pp. [204]–[208] blank.

21.5 × 15.7 cm. Bulk: 1.9/2.4 cm. White wove paper; all edges trimmed. White wove endpapers. Bound in light blue cloth; front and back blank; spine stamped in gold: ROBERT | GRAVES | ¡CATACROK! | CASSELL; title runs downward across spine.

Price: 15s. Number of copies: 4,015. Published 8 November 1956 in white dust-jacket printed in yellow, robin’s egg and black.

Contents: Foreword – Varro’s Four Hundred and Ninety Books – Treacle Tart – The Full Length – An Appointment for Candlemas – The Devil Is a Protestant– Trín-Trín-Trín – Earth to Earth – Epics Are Out of Fashion – School Life in Majorca –Bulletin of the College of St Francis of Assisi – New Light on Dream-Flight – Period Piece – Protocols of Kitsch – Touristic Circular K37 – They Say…They Say – Week-End at Cwm Tatws – 6 Valiant Bulls 6 – He Went Out to Buy a Rhine – A Man May Not Marry His... – God Grant Your Honour Many Years – The White Horse, or ‘The Great Southern Ghost Story’ – A Bomb under My Monument – Thy Servant and God’s – Ever Had a Guinea Worm? – Sappy Blancmange – Cambridge Upstairs – The Five Godfathers – Kill Them! Kill Them! – The Abominable Mr Gunn – Harold Vesey at the Gates of Hell – Flesh-Coloured Net Tights – ‘Ha, Ha!’ Chort-led Nig-ger – Life of the Poet Gnaeus Robertulus Gravesa – Ditching in a Fishless Sea – The Whitaker Negroes – Bathunts at Bathurst

Note: This book has been translated into Swedish.

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