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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves


First edition:

Food for Centaurs: | Stories, Talks, Critical | Studies, Poems by | Robert Graves | [cut of centaur] | DOUBLEDAY & COMPANY, INC. | GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK | 1960

Collation: [1]122–1612, 192 leaves.

p.[1] Food for Centaurs; p.[2] blank; p.[3] list of books by Graves; p.[4] blank; p.[5] title-page; p.[6] copyright, printing and edition notices; p.[7] FOREWORD; p.[8] To Mildred Lockwood Lacey | in gratitude for her generous heart; pp.[9]–[10] CONTENTS; pp.[11]– [12]13–382 text, with pp.[11, 95, 147, 295, 351] being section-headings and pp.[12, 96, 146, 148, 294, 296, 350, 352] being blank; pp.[383] – [384] blank.

20.8 × 13.7 cm. Bulk: 2.8/3.4 cm. White wove paper; top and bottom edges trimmed. White wove endpapers. Bound in black cloth with green quarter-cloth spine; front and back blank; spine stamped in silver, printed in purple: Robert | Graves | [purple enclosing device facing down] | [purple rectangular solid box, inside which, top to bottom:] FOOD for CENTAURS | [purple enclosing device facing up] | Doubleday

Price: $4.95. Number of copies: 5,500 (in two printings). Published 6 May 1960 in white dust-jacket printed in black, green, pink and blue.

Contents: Foreword – Stories: The Viscountess and the Short-Haired Girl – A Toast to Ava Gardner – She Landed Yesterday – The Lost Chinese – You Win, Houdini! – Talks on Poetry: Sweeney among the Blackbirds – The Making and Marketing of Poetry – Pulling a Poem Apart – Studies in Histony: To be a Goy – A Dead Branch on the Tree of Israel – Was Benedict Arnold a Traitor? – The Cultured Romans – New Light on an Old Murder – To Minorca! – The Dour Man – Praise Me and I Will Whistle to You! – What Was That War Like, Sir? – Centaurs’ Food – The Fifth Column at Troy – Critiques of New Books: Maenads, Junkies and Others – It Ended with a Bang – Legends of the Bible – Puck, Mab, the Billy Blin – The Pirates Who Captured Caesar – The Butcher and the Cur – Two Studies in Scientific Atheism – The Archetypal Wise Old Man – Poems: Preface to a Reading of Poems – Trudge, Body! – The Christmas Robin – Twice of the Same Fever – Nothing – Call It a Good Marriage – Read Me, Please! – The Twin of Sleep –Established Lovers – The Quiet Glades of Eden – Heroes in Their Prime – Catkind – The Young Goddess – Here Live Your Life Out – Joan and Darby – Superman on the Riviera – The Picture Nail – Old World Dialogue – The Were-Man – The Person from Porlock – Around the Mountain

Notes: In the first impression Doubleday’s printing code “B 10” is printed at lower right on p. 382, indicating the sheets were printed in the tenth week of 1960.

The dust-jacket of the first impression differs from that of the second impression. The first impression jacket has the letters "F. F. C." printed above the price at the top of the front flap.

The second impression of this edition lacks the edition notice on the verso title-page and measures 20.7 × 13.9 cm Bulk: 2.5/3.2 cm.

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