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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves

A101 NEW POEMS 1962 [1962]

a. First edition:

ROBERT GRAVES | NEW POEMS | 1962 | [publisher’s emblem] | CASSELL ∙ LONDON

Collation: [A]8 B8 C/C*2/8, 26 leaves.

pp.[i]–[ii] blank; p.[iii] NEW POEMS | 1962; p.[iv] blank; p.[v] title-page; p.[vi] publisher’s, publication and printer’s notices; p.[vii] FOREWORD; p.[viii] blank; pp.[ix]–[x] CONTENTS; p.[1] XIII; p.[2] blank; pp.3–25 text; p.[26] blank; p.[27] XIV; p.[28] blank; pp.29–42 text.

21.4 × 14.8 cm. Bulk: 0.4/1.0 cm. White wove paper; all edges trimmed. White wove endpapers. Bound in orange-rust cloth; front and back blank; spine stamped in gold, bottom to top: Cassell Robert Graves NEW POEMS 1962

Price: 12s.6d. Number of copies: 3,082. Published 18 October 1962 in white dust-jacket printed in black and orange-brown.

Contents: Foreword – XIII: Ruby and Amethyst – Recognition – Variables of Green – The Watch – Name Day – Uncalendared Love – The Meeting – Lack – Not at Home – Horizon – Golden Anchor – Lion Lover – Ibycus in Samos – Possessed – The Winged Heart – In Trance at a Distance – The Wreath – In Her Praise – The Alabaster Throne – A Restless Ghost – Between Moon and Moon – XIV: Beware, Madam! – The Cliff Edge – The Miller’s Man – Acrobats – Ouzo Unclouded – The Broken Girth – Inkidoo and the Queen of Babel – Three Songs for the Lute: I. Truth is Poor Physic – II. In Her Only Way – III. Hedges Freaked with Snow – The Ambrosia of Dionysus and Semele – The Unnamed Spell

Notes: Impression: 2nd, August 1963 (1,500 copies).The dust-jacket of the first impression has a quotation from Graves on the front flap; the front flap of the jacket of the second impression has quotations from reviews.

A101b. First American edition (1963):


Collation: [1]–[3]12, 36 leaves.

p.[i] NEW POEMS; p.[ii] blank; p.[iii] title-page; p.[iv] acknowledgement, LC card, copyright, printing and edition notices; p.[v] FOREWORD; p.[vi] blank; pp.vii–viii CONTENTS; pp.1–64 text, with pp.[4, 6, 8,10,12,14,16, 20, 24, 28, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 46, 48, 50, 52, 58, 62] being blank.

20.8×13.7 cm. Bulk: 0.6/1.1 cm. White wove paper; all edges trimmed. White wove endpapers. Bound in black cloth; back blank; front stamped with signature of Graves in gold; spine stamped in gold, top to bottom: NEW POEMS Robert Graves DOUBLEDAY

Price: $2.95. Number of copies: 3,500. Published 21 June 1963 in white dust-jacket printed in black and green. Jacket design by Riki Levinson.

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