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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves


First edition:

[floral design in black and white on whole page; large oval set right; in facsimile of Graves’s handwriting:] Love Respelt Again | by | Robert Graves | [short rule] | Doubleday, N.Y.

Collation: [1]–[4]8, 32 leaves.

pp.[1] –[2] blank; p.[3] statement of number of copies printed, numbering, and Graves’s signature; p.[4] blank; p.[5] [in facsimile of Graves’s handwriting:] Love Respelt Again by | Robert Graves | short rule]; p.[6] blank; p.[7] title-page; p.[8] LC card, copyright, rights reservation, edition and printer’s notices; p.[9] [running bottom to top along left margin in facsimile of Graves’s handwriting:] The Poems Contents — The Poems — Contents — p.[10] running vertically bottom to top in facsimile of Graves’s handwriting:] Additions to the Original Sequence: 1966; pp.[11]–[61] text, with pp.[11, 14, 19, 34] having black and white illustrations around poems and p.[43] having black and white illustration and no poem; pp.[62]–[64]blank.

20.6 × 17.1 cm. Bulk: 0.6/1.1 cm. White laid paper; all edges trimmed. White wove endpapers. Bound in black cloth; front and back blank; spine stamped in gold in facsimile of Graves’s handwriting, bottom to top: Doubleday, N.Y. Love Respelt Again Robert Graves

Price: $15.00. Number of copies: 1,000. Published 3 October 1969 in white dust-jacket printed in black and grey.

Contents: The Red Shower – Above the Edge of Doom – Wild Cyclamen – Gift of Sight – Batóxca – The Snap-Comb Wilderness – Change – A Court of Love – Black – Between Hyssop and Axe – Gold and Malachite – Ambience – The Vow – The Frog and the Golden Ball – Those Who Came Short – Whole Love – This Holy Month – The Blow – The Impossible – The Fetter – Iron Palace – True Joy – Tomorrow’s Envy of Today – The Hidden Garden – The Wedding – What Will Be, Is – Son Altesse – Everywhere Is Here – Song: The Far Side of Your Moon – Deliverance – Conjunction – Nothing Now Astonishes – Postscript – Cock in Pullet’s Feathers – Dead Hand – Arrears of Moonlight – What Did You Say? – Lure of Murder – The Gorge – Ecstasy of Chaos – Stolen Jewel – The Eagre – The Snapped Thread – Fortunate Child – Loving True, Flying Blind – The Near-Eclipse – Dancing Flame – Birth of Angels – Clothed in Silence – On Giving.

Notes: Entire contents of the book are in facsimile of Graves’s handwriting, only pp.[3, 8] are in type.

The front flap of the dust-jacket indicates the illustrations are by Aemilia Laraçuen.

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