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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves


First edition:

Robert | GRAVES | [swelled rule] | THE | GREEN-SAILED | VESSEL | POEMS | PRIVATELY PRINTED | 1971

Collation: [1] –[2]8 [3]10, 26 leaves.

pp.[1]–[2] blank; p. half-title; p.[ii] blank; p.[iii] title-page; p.[iv] copyright, printing and distribution notices, number and signature location; pp.[v]–[vi] CONTENTS; p.vii FOREWORD; p.viii DEDICATORY; p.[ix] PART I; p.[x] blank; pp.3–21 text; p.[22] blank; p.[23] PART II; p.[24] blank; pp.25–41 text; p.[42] blank, [page numbers are in square brackets].

25.2 × 16.5 cm. Bulk: 0.5/0.8 cm. White laid paper; top edge only trimmed. White laid endpapers. Bound in olive-yellow cloth; front and back blank; spine stamped in gold, top to bottom: ROBERT GRAVES ∙ THE GREEN-SAILED VESSEL

Price: £5.00. Number of copies: 536 (500 numbered and signed). Published 2 August 1971 in a light orange dust-jacket printed in red and blue.

Contents: Foreword – Dedicatory – PART I: The Wand – Five: Quinque – Arrow on the Vane – Gorgon Mask – To be Poets – With a Gift of Rings – Casse-Noisette – The Garden – The Green-Sailed Vessel – Dreaming Children – The Prohibition – Serpent’s Tail – Until We Both – The Miracle – The Rose – Testament – The Crab Tree – Three Locked Hoops – Cliff and Wave – PART II: Those Blind from Birth – Fools – The Gateway – Advice from a Mother – A Reduced Sentence – The Gentlemen – Complaint and Reply – My Ghost – Song: Reconciliation – Knobs and Levers – The Virus – Druid Love – Problems of Gender – Confess, Marpessa – Jus Primae Noctis – Work Drafts.

Note: Published and distributed by Bertram Rota Ltd.

In the table of contents Part I is labelled: Love Poems and Part II: Mainly Satires although these designations are not found on the section title-pages.

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