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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves

A145 ELEVEN SONGS [1983]

First edition:

Eleven Songs | [diagonal line] | Robert Graves | [design in tan of figures]

Collation: 14 double folds with open ends stabbed, 14 [28] leaves.

pp.[1]–[2] blank; p.[3] A New Seizin; p.[4] blank; p.[5] title-page; p.[6] blank; pp.[7]–[20] text; pp.[21]–[22] blank; p.[23] Index; p.[24] blank; p.[25] Colophon New Seizin 1 has been hand-set in 20 point Monotype Bembo and | hand-printed on ‘La Pedalette’, | a 1910 cylinder press, by Tibor Szántó | and Tomás Graves at The New | Seizin Press, Deiá, Mallorca, in | September 1983. The paper is made | by Hahnemühle and the covers | by Fabriano. The illustration on the cover | and title-page is the work of Junyer. | There are 100 copies signed by | the printers and by the illustrator. | This is copy number [number written in] | [3 signatures]; pp.[26] – [28] blank, but p. [27] has embossed at top: [within a shield] DEIA

24.5 × 17.6 cm. Bulk: 0.9/1.0 cm. White laid paper, bottom edge only trimmed.

Bound in pale olive wrappers stabbed through rear edge. Back and spine blank; front printed in black: ELEVEN SONGS | [diagonal line] | ROBERT GRAVES | [blind stamped design as on title-page]

The book was issued in a two-part taupe cardboard case. The inner part of the case is an unprinted rectangular sheet of cardboard 42.6 ×17.4 cm. with the two long ends folded over to enclose the book from top to bottom. The outer part of the case is a single sheet of cardboard 52.4 × 24.5 cm. The upper end has two beveled corners which form a flap which folds over and fits into a slot cut into the lower end. Above the slot at right is a number written in pencil which corresponds to the copy number of the book. Below the slot printed in grey-blue: THE NEW SEIZIN PRESS | TOMÁS GRAVES [raised dot] DEIÁ [raised dot] MALLORCA [raised dot] SPAIN; on spine of case in dark grey-blue: [bottom to top:] ELEVEN SONGS ROBERT GRAVES

Price: 10,000 pesetas. Number of copies: 100. Published in September 1983.

Contents: Just Friends – Of Course – The Palm Tree – How Can I Care? – Fig Tree in Leaf – Though Once True Lovers – Three Rings for Her – Dew Drop and Diamond – Cherries or Lilies – Sullen Moods – Crown of Stars.

Note: An errata slip is laid-in noting correction to the final line of ‘Sullen Moods’.

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