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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves


First edition:

Conversations | with Robert Graves | Edited by | Frank L. Kersnowski | University Press of Mississippi | Jackson and London

Collation: 104 leaves.

2 pp. blank; p. [i] Conversations with Robert Graves | Literary Conversations Series | Peggy Whitman Prenshaw | General Editor; p. [ii] [black-and-white photo of Graves by Cordelia Weedon]; p. [iii] title-page; p. [iv] copyright, rights reservation, publisher’s Council on Library Resources, LOC and British Library cataloguing notices; p. [v] Books by Robert Graves; p. [vi] blank; pp. vii-viii Contents; pp. ix-xiii Introduction; p. [xiv] blank; pp. xv-xvii Chronology; p. [xviii] blank; p. [1] Conversations with Robert Graves; p. [2] blank; pp. 3-180 text; pp. 181-183 index; pp. [184] – [188] blank.

22.8 × 15.1 cm. Bulk: 1.6/ 2.2 cm. White wove paper; all edges trimmed. Medium grey wove endpapers. Bound in blue cloth; front and back blank; spine stamped silver: [down spine:] Kersnowski Conversations with Robert Graves [upright:] [publisher’s emblem] [down spine:] Mississippi

Price: Undetermined. Number of copies: undetermined. Published October 1989 in white dust-jacket printed in dark blue, black and white. Issued simutanelusly in paper covers.

Contents: ‘Retreat from Parnassus’ Peter Quenell/1920; ‘25 April 1925’ Virginia Woolf/1925; ‘An Evening in Maida Vale’ Julian Symons/1937; ‘Where Truth Begins’ T. S. Matthews/1949; ‘I Reminded Him of Muggleton’ Alan Sillitoe/1955; ‘A Talk with Robert Graves: English Poet in Majorca’ Arnold Sherman/1956’; ‘Robert Graves Demurs’ Robert Graves from Commentary, November/1956; ‘Conversations with Robert Graves’ John Haller/1956; ‘Robert Graves’ Huw Wheldon/1959; ‘A Redbook Dialogue’ Gina Lollobrigida/1963; ‘The Poet and the Peasant’ Kenneth Allsop/1965; ‘Robert Graves at Home’ Frank Kersnowski/1969; ‘A Conversation with Robert Graves’ Juan Bonet/1969; ‘Flawed Science, Damaged Human Life: A Interview with Robert Graves’ Bruno Friedman/1969; The Art of Poetry XI: Robert Graves’ Peter Buckman and William Fifield/1969; ‘Speaking Freely’ Edwin Newman/1970; ‘In Robert Graves’s Olive Grove’ Gábor Devecseri/1970; Playboy Interview: Robert Graves’ James McKinley/1970; ‘A Meeting with Robert Graves’ Dannie Abse/1972; ‘The Graves I Know’ James Reeves/1975; ‘Robert Graves at Deyá’ Jorge Luis Borges/1985.

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