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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves

A168 ESSAYS FROM ‘EPILOGUE’ 1935-1937 [2001]:

First combined edition:

[heavy rule rectangular box enclosing light rule rectangular box, enclosing four lines:] LAURA RIDING AND ROBERT GRAVES | Essays from ‘Epilogue’ | 1935-1937 | Edited by Mark Jacobs | CARCANET

Collation: 104 leaves.

p. [i] LAURA RIDING & ROBERT GRAVES | Essays from Epilogue; p. [ii] biographical notes on Laura (Riding) Jackson, Robert Graves and Mark Jacobs; p. [iii] title-page; p. [iv] publisher’s, copyright, BL cataloguing, Arts Council of England assistance and printer’s notices; p. [v] Contents; p. [vi] Dedicated to | Hazel and Asche | for their help, | for their patience...; p. [vii] viii-x Introduction; pp. [1] 2-179 text, with pp. [5, 38, 48, 58, 66, 72, 78, 100, 119, 129, 140, 148, 157, 163] being unnumbered; p. [180] blank; pp. [181] 182-187 NOTES; p. [188] blank; pp. [189] 190-192 APPENDIX; p. [193] 194 INDEX OF NAMES; pp. [195] – [198] blank.

21.6 × 13.5 cm. Bulk: 1.6 cm. White wove paper; all edges trimmed. Bound in white paper covers printed in orange, olive, pale yellow, blue, black and tan. Cover design by Stephen Raw.

Price: £14.95. Number of copies: undetermined. Published August 2001.

Contents: Introduction by Mark Jacobs – Preliminaries by Laura Riding – The Idea of God by Thomas Matthews and Laura Riding – Supplementary Argument by Laura Riding and Thomas Matthews – Nietzsche by Madeleine Vara – Poems and Poets by Laura Riding with questions and comments by Robert Graves – Coleridge and Wordsworth by Robert Graves – Keats and Shelley by Robert Graves – A Note on the Pastoral by Robert Graves – Homiletic Studies by Laura Riding – Stealing by Robert Graves – In Defence of Anger by Laura Riding – The Exercise of English by Laura Riding and Robert Graves – The Bull-Fight by Laura Riding – Lucretius and Jeans by Robert Graves – The Literary Intelligence by Laura Riding – Neo-Georgian Eternity by Robert Graves – George Sand by Madeleine Vara – From a Private Correspondence on Reality by Laura Riding and Robert Graves – Notes – Appendix – Index of Names

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