The Talk

Renowned poet Robert Graves's profound connection with mountains explored in the Royal Welch Fusiliers' Museum. Dr. Eduard Moyà (University of the Balearic Islands-Spain) develops, in his talk "Robert Graves and the Mountains", the extraordinary bond between poet Robert Graves and the majestic mountains of North Wales and Majorca. The talk explores an unpublished facet of Graves's work and it is organized by Fundació Robert Graves (Majorca) in collaboration with the Royal Welch Fusiliers' Museum.

Robert Graves, celebrated for his exceptional poetic contribution in the 20th century, had an enduring affinity for the natural world, particularly for the rugged landscapes of North Wales in his youth, and the dramatic mountains of Majorca in his later life. This talk provides the audience with a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of his poetry and his passion for mountaineering together with the symbols of Nature.

One of the central themes explored in the talk is the idea that mountaineering taught Robert Graves to trust his senses and intuition, skills that were crucial for a successful journey in both the world of mountains and the realm of love. Graves drew parallels between the two, viewing the lover as a traveller venturing into the allure and dangers of love, much like a mountaineer tackling the challenges of a treacherous ascent.

Visitors will be immersed in Graves's world through a selection and reading of his poems, which shed light on his intimate relationship with mountains.

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Julian Bastida - Culture programme lead