St. John's College, Oxford

Together with the working library (see insert link), the papers of the poet and author Robert Graves, most famous for his First World War memoir Goodbye to All That and his historical novel set in Julio-Claudian Rome, I Claudius, were bequeathed to the St John’s College Robert Graves Trust by his widow, Beryl, in 2003.

The working library and archive consist of most of the material that was left in his house in Deyá, Mallorca, on his death. The archival component contains tens of thousands of items – letters, manuscripts, and ephemera – mostly accumulated since 1946 when Graves returned to the island. Although Graves sold many of his papers, particularly his manuscripts, during this lifetime, what remained in Deyá with him and Beryl forms an immensely rich collection reflecting the diversity of his interests and correspondents. These latter include John Aldridge, Norman Cameron, Tom Matthews, Alastair Reid, Lynette Roberts, and Alan Sillitoe among many others.

RG/A: Poetry

RG/B Short stories: texts, revisions and associated papers

RG/C: Studies of mythology, history and religion

RG/D: Novels and novellas: texts, revisions and associated papers

RG/E: Works of translation: texts, revisions and associated papers

RG/F: Performing arts and film

RG/G: Critical prose and journalism

RG/H: Lectures and speeches

RG/I: Diaries of Robert Graves

RG/J: Correspondence (arranged by correspondent)

RG/K: Correspondence (arranged by subject)

RG/L: Press cuttings

RG/M: Works by others: pamphlets, offprints and other materials

RG/N: Miscellaneous


The Robert Graves Collection

The contents of the collection as current catalogued at St John's College can be searched online through the Archives Hub Website.