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Date: 15 DEC 1947

Recipient: Podro, Joshua (1895-1962)

Location: Canellun

* * *

To Joshua Podro, whose son David had recently been married


15 December 1947 — My mother's birthday

My dear Joshua:

I should have written to congratulate David on his marriage — I'm sure it will be a success. Jews don't marry so lightheartedly and foolishly as the goyim. I'd have loved to be present at the ceremony. The stones flung in Jerusalem did not hit me, thanks; and I'm glad my brother Dick escaped. They say that if he survives until May he'll be offered another job by the Jews who, as you say, value him. At Christmas we are having Arnaldo and Ruth Rosentingl and their boy to celebrate Jesus the prophet: I told you, I think, what wonderfully good friends they were to Wm and us in Barcelona. (I hope they're not strictly kosher, because we rely a lot on our annual pig sacrifice. However, we have a large bin of olive oil and are getting a turkey, so they won't starve.)

I have been very busy on revised proofs of The White Goddess; it is a pity that there's no room for a lot of new mythological discoveries I have made; I'll have to print them one day as a supplement. Today I found that the Anakim whom Caleb chased from the Negeb are identical with the Sons of Anax (a mythical Carian of Cretan stock, who was 10 cubits high) who were apparently priests of the God Car, or Qaru, or Ker, or Q're, or Huru, who was also Horus. As Q're is the Massoretic name for Jehovah, and as Horus had the title Iahu, which Jehovah also had, my view that the Jews adopted the God of Hebron when they captured the shrine has additional confirmation.

About Partition: speaking from the point of view of religious tradition, I should say that 'he who holds Hebron (rather than Jerusalem) holds Palestine'. I think it's a silly partition. The Jews should have all the South, including Jerusalem and Hebron, and share the North with the Arabs (also Sons of Abraham) if the 15 relevant texts in the (Pentateuch) Scriptures are to be fulfilled, as they have a habit of being in the long run. But better something than nothing.

In Jewish tradition are there 'Seven Ages of the World': from Adam to Noah, from Noah to Abraham, etc? Or is that a Christian invention? I ask because they are apparently based on :he events of the 7 day Creation.

We are all well and working hard. I have about four books coming out next year, or supposed to be coming out. Love to Fanny, who's a bright memory to us; and to yourself.

Yours ever


I have just bought a remarkably clear and sensible and original book Man and Temple by Raphael Patai. It is first class and I agree with almost every word.

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