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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves


a. First edition:


Collation: [A]8-1 B–D8 E8, +1, 40 leaves.

p.[3] COUNTRY SENTIMENT; p.[4] blank; p.[5] title-page; p.[6] edition and printer’s notice; p.[7] TO | NANCY NICHOLSON; p.[8] NOTE; pp.9-10 CONTENTS; pp. 11–63 text; p.[64] blank; p.[65] RETROSPECT; p.[66] blank; pp.67–81 text; p.[82] blank.

18.7 × 12.6 cm. Bulk: 0.9/1.2 cm. White wove paper; top edges only trimmed; fore-edges unopened. White wove endpapers. Bound in light blue boards with cobbled design; front and back blank; label pasted at top of spine: [rule] | Country | Sentiment | [diamond] | Robert | Graves | [rule].

Price: 5s. Number of copies: 1,000. Published in March 1920 in cream dust-jacket printed in purple.

Contents: A Frosty Night – Song for Two Children – Dicky – The Three Drinkers – The Boy out of Church – After the Play – One Hard Look – True Johnny – The Voice of Beauty Drowned – The God Called Poetry – Rocky Acres – Advice to Lovers – Nebuchadnezzar’s Fall – Give Us Rain – Allie – Loving Henry – Brittle Bones – Apples and Water – Manticor in Arabia – Outlaws – Balloo Loo for Jenny – Hawk and Buckle – The Alice Jean – The Cupboard – The Beacon – Pot and Kettle – Ghost Raddled – Neglectful Edward – The Well-Dressed Children – Thunder at Night – To E.M.–A Ballad of Nursery Rhyme – Jane – Vain and Careless – Nine o’Clock – The Picture Book – The Promised Lullaby – [RETROSPECT:] Haunted – Retrospect: The Jests of the Clock – Here They Lie – Tom Taylor – Country at War – Sospan Fach – The Leveller – Hate Not, Fear Not – A Rhyme of Friends – A First Review

Notes: A2 is tipped to A1; E9 is tipped to E8.

The cover design is by William Nicholson.

The style of dust-jacket is the same as that of The Pier-Glass, A6a.

In 2004 LongRead Publishing, Sevenoaks, Kent issued a print-on-demand version of A5a in hard and paper-covered bindings. It is not a photographic reprint.

A5b. First American edition (1920):

COUNTRY | SENTIMENT | BY | ROBERT GRAVES | [publisher’s emblem] | NEW YORK | ALFRED · A · KNOPF | 1920

Collation: [1] – [5]8 [6]4 [7]8, 52 leaves.

p.[1] [at top right:] COUNTRY SENTIMENT; p.[2] list of books by Graves; p.[3] title-page; p.[4] copyright and printing notices; p.[5] TO | NANCY NICHOLSON; p.16] blank; p.|7] NOTE; p.[8] blank; pp. [9]–[10] CONTENTS; p.[ll] [at top right:] COUNTRY SENTIMENT; p.[12] blank; pp. 13–83 text; p.[84] blank; p.[85] [at top right:] RETROSPECT; p.[86] blank; pp.87–104 text.

15.5 × 10.5 cm. Bulk: 0.9/1.3 cm. White wove paper watermarked OLDE STYLE; top edges only trimmed and stained light green. White wove endpapers. Bound in blue boards with green label running from front to back across spine; on front and back of label in blue: [rule] | COUNTRY SENTIMENT | POEMS BY | ROBERT GRAVES | [rule]; on spine, in blue: [rule] | Country | Senti- | ment | by | Robert | Graves | 1920 | [rule].

Price: $1.25. Number of copies undisclosed. Published in March 1920 in yellow dust-jacket printed in grey-blue.

Note: Also bound in maroon cloth as A3c. Copies are also seen in navy pebbled cloth. All edges trimmed; top edges plain. The wrap-around label and dust-jacket as A5b.

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