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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves

A37 TO WHOM ELSE? 1931

First edition:

TO WHOM ELSE? | BY | ROBERT GRAVES | The Seizin Press | Deyá, Majorca | 1931

Collation: [1]–[4]4, 16 leaves.

pp.[i]–[ii] blank, pasted down to front cover; pp.[iii]–[iv] blank; p.[v]A SEIZIN; p.[vi] blank; p.[vii] title-page; p.[viii] blank; pp.1–19 text; p.[20] There are 200 numbered and signed copies of | Seizin 6 hand-set and hand-printed by ourselves | on hand-made paper. The cover is by Len Lye. | [number written in] [signature of Graves]; pp.[21] – [22] blank; p.[23] – [24] blank, pasted down to back cover.

27.1 × 19.4 cm. Bulk: 0.3/0.8 cm. White laid paper; top edges only trimmed; watermarked: GUA [design of diamond with bars and crosses] RRO. | Bound quarter cloth; front and back covered with paper printed in silver, black and dark blue; design on front suggests peacock’s tail; design on back is circles and rectangles in rows; spine stamped in silver, from bottom to top: SEIZIN 6 TO WHOM ELSE? ROBERT GRAVES

Price: 25s. Number of copies: 200. Published in July 1931 in glassine dust-jacket attached to buff paper fold-ins tapered at corners.

Contents: Largesse to the Poor – The Felloe’ d Year – On Time – On Rising Early – On Dwelling – Of Necessity – The Foolish Senses – Devilishly Disturbed – The Legs – Ogres and Pygmies – To Whom Else? – As It were Poems: I: ‘In the legend of Reynard the Fox ...’ – II: ‘A sick girl went from house to house ...’ – III: ‘Dear Name, how shall I call you?’ – On Portents

Note: Folcroft Library Editions, Folcroft, Pennsylvania issued a facsimile printing in 1977.

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