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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves


[connected stylised letters:] SZP | The | [in open letters:] SEIZIN PRESS | founded in 1927 by | Laura Riding and Robert Graves | ¶ THE SEIZIN PRESS, which has hitherto published only | occasional hand-printed books and pamphlets in limited | editions, begins, this autumn of 1935, a new plan of | publication, associating its imprint with that of CONSTABLE & | COMPANY LIMITED. | ¶ THE SEIZIN PRESS will continue to print a few works by | hand at Deyá, Majorca, but these as well as its other | publications will be issued in London by CONSTABLE, publications will be issued in London by CONSTABLE, | which firm will be regarded as its headquarters for all | purposes. | ¶ THE SEIZIN PRESS books, while retaining their original | quality of literary independence, will be increased to | include work of less exclusive appeal. | ¶ THE SEIZIN PRESS plans to publish in the immediate future | the books herein described. | [heavy rule, over which in open letters:] CONSTABLE | and Co Ltd Orange Street London WC2

Collation: 2 leaves, stapled once at centre.

p. [1] title-page; pp. [2]-[3] advertisements for ‘Epilogue’; pp. [4]-[6] advertisements for ‘The Moon’s No Fool’ and ‘A Mistake Somewhere’; p. [7] advertisement for ‘The Natural Need’; p. [8] advertisement for ‘Progress of Stories’.

15.1 × 12.3 cm. Bulk: .1 cm. Cream laid paper, watermarked with a crown and, in Gothic: Abbey Mills | Greenfield; all edges trimmed.

Price: gratis. Number of copies unknown. Published summer 1935.

Note: This Seizin Press catalogue was written by Graves and Riding and published by their Seizin Press in Deyá, Majorca, Spain.

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