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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves


a. First edition:

ROBERT GRAVES | [light rule] | MAN DOES, | WOMAN IS | 1964 | [publisher’s emblem] | CASSELL ∙ LONDON

Collation: [A]10 B–D8 E/E*2/8, 44 leaves.

pp.[i]–[ii] blank; p.[iii] MAN DOES, WOMAN IS | 1964; p.[iv] blank; p.[v] title-page; p.[vi] publisher’s, copyright, publication and printer’s notices; p.[vii] FOREWORD; p.[viii] blank; pp.[ix]–[xi] CONTENTS; p.[xii] blank; p.[1] XV; p.[2] blank; pp.3–26 text; p.[27] XVI; p.[28] blank; pp.29–53 text; p.[54] blank; p.[55] XVII; p.[56] blank; pp.57–74 text; pp.[75] –[76] blank.

21.5 × 15.0 cm. Bulk: 0.8/1.4 cm. White wove paper; all edges trimmed. White wove endpapers. Bound in ultramarine cloth; front and back blank; spine stamped in gold, bottom to top: Cassell Robert Graves MAN DOES, WOMAN IS

Price: 16s. Number of copies: 4,010. Published 16 June 1964 in white dust-jacket printed in black and French blue. The back flap of the jacket has an advertisement for More Poems 1961.

Contents: Foreword – XV: A Time of Waiting – Expect Nothing – No Letter – The Why of the Weather – In Time – Fire Walker – Deed of Gift – At Best, Poets – She is No Liar – A Last Poem – The Pearl – The Leap – Bank Account – Judgement of Paris – Man Does, Woman Is – The Ample Garden – To Myrto About Herself – The Three-Faced – Dazzle of Darkness – Myrrhina – Food of the Dead – Eurydice – To Beguile and Betray – I Will Write – XVI: Bird of Paradise – The Metaphor – Song: A Phoenix Flame – Secrecy – Joseph and Mary – An East Wind – Dance of Words – A Blind Arrow – The Oleaster – The Septuagenarian – Non Cogunt Astra – Song: Sword and Rose – Endless Pavement – In Disguise – A Measure of Casualness – In Time of Absence – The Green Castle – Not to Sleep – The Hearth – That Other World – The Beds of Grainne and Diarmuid – Rain of Brimstone – Consortium of Stones – The Black Goddess – XVII: Broken Neck – O – Woman of Greece – The Colours of Night – Between Trains – To the Teumessian Vixen – The Hung Wu Vase – La Mejicana – Lamia in Love – After the Flood – A Late Arrival – Song: With No Return – All I Tell You From My Heart – The Undead

Notes: Impression: 2nd, January 1965 (number of copies unknown).

The first and second editions of this bibliography incorrectly cite the date of publication of A107a as 17 April 1964.

A107b. Limited issue (1964):

Title-page as A107a.

Collation as A107a.

Remainder as A107a except p.[i] Of this edition | there have been printed | 175 copies for sale, numbered 1–175 | and 26 copies not for sale, lettered A–Z | all signed by the author | this is No. [number written in] | [signature of Graves]

21.6 × 14.7 cm. Bulk: 0.8/1.4 cm. Buff laid paper; all edges trimmed; watermarked with crown and a script Glastonbury. Buff laid endpapers. Bound in buff linen with ultramarine quarter cloth spine with gold rules front and back near buff cloth; front and back otherwise blank; spine stamped in gold, bottom to top: Cassell Robert Graves MAN DOES, WOMAN IS

Price: 50s. Number of copies: 201. Published 18 June 1964 in transparent glassine wrapper.

A107c. American issue (1964):

ROBERT GRAVES | [light rule] | MAN DOES, | WOMAN IS | 1964 | Doubleday & Company, Inc. | Garden City, New York

Collation: 48 leaves, glued at spine.

pp.[i]–[iv] blank; p.[v] MAN DOES, WOMAN IS | 1964; p.[vi] blank; pp.[vii]–[viii] list of books by Graves; p.[ix] title-page; p.[x] ACKNOWLEDGMENTS and LC card, copyright, rights reservation, printing and edition notices; p.[xi] FOREWORD; p.[xii] blank; pp.[xiii]–[xv] CONTENTS; p.[xvi] blank; p.[11]–74 as A107a; pp.[75]–[80] blank.

20.7 × 14.0 cm. Bulk: 0.6/1.2 cm. White wove paper; top and bottom edges trimmed. Cream wove endpapers. Bound in three-quarter black cloth with slick black cloth spine; front and back blank; spine stamped in silver, top to bottom: Man Does, Woman Is by Robert Graves Doubleday

Price: $3.95. Number of copies: 4,500. Published 20 November 1964 in white dust-jacket printed in black, scarlet and lake.

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