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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves


First edition:

POETIC CRAFT AND | PRINCIPLE | Lectures and Talks by | ROBERT GRAVES | Late Professor of Poetry at Oxford University | [publisher’s emblem] | CASSELL ∙ LONDON

Collation: [A]8 B–M8 N/N*2/4, 98 leaves.

p.[i] POETIC CRAFT AND PRINCIPLE; p.[ii] blank; p.[iii] title-page; p.[iv] publisher’s, copyright, publication and printer’s notices; p.[v] table of contents; p.[vi] Acknowledgement; pp.vii–[viii] Foreword; p.[1] section title; p.[2] blank; pp.3–194[195] text, with pp.[31, 63, 95, 123, 151, 181] being unnumbered and pp.[32, 64, 96, 122, 124, 152, 180, 182] being blank; p.[196] blank.

21.5 × 13.5 cm. Bulk: 1.6/2.4 cm. White wove paper; all edges trimmed. White wove endpapers. Bound in lake cloth; front and back blank; spine stamped in gold, up spine, facing front: Robert Graves [remainder in double-rule rectangular box with decorative ends:] POETIC CRAFT AND PRINCIPLE

Price: 30s. Number of copies unknown. Published 27 April 1967 in grey dust-jacket printed in black and magenta.

Contents: Foreword – Oxford Chair of Poetry 1964: Lecture One – Lecture Two – Lecture Three – Oxford Chair of Poetry 1965: Lecture One – Lecture Two – Lecture Three – The Word ‘Romantic’

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