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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves

A123 POEMS 1965–1968 [1968]

a. First edition:

ROBERT GRAVES | [one line in open letters:] POEMS 1965–1968 | [publisher’s emblem] | CASSELL ∙ LONDON

Collation: [A]8 B–G8, 56 leaves.

2 pp. blank; p.[i] POEMS 1965–1968; p.[ii] blank; p.[iii] title-page; p.[iv] publisher’s, printing and copyright notices; p.v FOREWORD; p.[vi] blank; pp.vii–x CONTENTS; p.[1]2–97text; pp.[98]–[100] blank.21.5 × 14.7 cm. Bulk: 1.1/1.5 cm. White wove paper; all edges trimmed. White wove endpapers. Bound in light blue cloth. Front and back blank; spine stamped in gold, bottom to top: Cassell Robert Graves POEMS 1965–1968

Price: 25s. Number of copies unknown. Published 25 July 1968 in white dust-jacket printed in black and blue.

Contents: Foreword – Cock in Pullet’s Feathers – Dead Hand – Arrears of Moonlight – What Did You Say? – Lure of Murder – The Gorge – Ecstasy of Chaos – Stolen Jewel – The Snapped Thread – Fortunate Child – Loving True, Flying Blind – The Near Eclipse – Dancing Flame – Birth of Angels – On Giving – The P’eng that was a K’un – Like Owls – In Pespective – The Utter Rim – Unicorn and the White Doe – Bower-Bird – Mist – The Word – Perfectionists – Prison Walls – A Dream of Hell – Our Self – Bites and Kisses – Sun-Face and Moon-Face – Freehold – The Necklace – A Bracelet – Blackening Sky – Blessed Sun – Lion-Gentle – Spite of Mirrors – Pride of Love – Hooded Flame – Injuries – Her Brief Withdrawal – The Crane – Strangeness – Song: How Can I Care? – Song: Though Once True Lovers – Song: Cherries or Lilies – Song: Crown of Stars – Song: The Palm Tree – Song: Fig Tree in Leaf – Song: Dewdrop and Diamond – Song: Sullen Moods – Song: Just Friends – Song: Of Course – Song: Three Rings for Her – SincèrementDans un Seul Lit – Possibly – Is Now the Time? – Twins – Sail and Oar – Gooseflesh Abbey – The Home-coming – With the Gift of a Lion’s Claw – Wigs and Beards – Personal Packaging, Inc. – Work Room – The Ark – All Except Hannibal – The Beggar Maid and King Cophetua – For Ever – Jugum ImprobumDe Arte PoeticaSit Mihi Terra Levis – Astymelusa – Tousled Pillow – To Be in Love – Fact of the Act – To Ogmian Hercules – Arrow Shots – She to Him – Within Reason – The Yet Unsayable – None the Wiser – The Narrow Sea – The Olive-Yard.

Note: ‘The Beggar Maid and King Cophetua’, ‘Work Room’ ‘Is now the Time?’, ‘To Ogmian Hercules’, ‘The Narrow Sea’, and ‘Possibly’ were published in the Daily Telegraph Magazine, 26 July 1968, p.9; see C841.1.

A123b. First American impression (1969):

Robert Graves | [curlicue] | [one line in open lettering:] POEMS 1965–1968 | Doubleday & Company, Inc. | Garden City, New York | 1969

Collation: [1]–[7]8, 56 leaves.

Remainder as A122a, except p.[iv] LC card, copyright, printing and edition notices.

20.7 × 13.8 cm. Bulk: 0.8/1.2 cm. White wove paper; all edges trimmed. Olive-green wove endpapers, inner sides white. Bound in brown cloth with quarter black cloth spine. Front and back blank; spine stamped in gold, top to bottom: ROBERT GRAVES POEMS 1965–1968 doubleday

Price: $4.95. Number of copies undetermined. Published 24 October 1969 in white dust-jacket printed in black, blue and brown, with photographs front and back.

Note: There was a second impression which has no date on the title-page, no first edition notice and the numbler line at the foot of p. [iv] has ‘2’ as the lowest number.

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