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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves


ROBERT GRAVES AND PAUL HOGARTH | DEYÁ | A portfolio | of five poems and lithographs | MOTIF EDITIONS LONDON, 1972

Collation: 9 loose leaves, each leaf separated by tissue.

[sheet 1] DEYÁ | five poems; [sheet 2] title-page; [sheet 3] introduction by the publisher, Edward Booth-Clibborn; [sheets 4–8] text and lithographs; [sheet 9] colophon: This limited edition consists of seventy-five | portfolios numbered and signed by the author, ROBERT GRAVES | Each of the five lithographs in the portfolio | are numbered and signed by the artist, | PAUL HOGARTH | Published by Motif Editions, 58 Firth Street, London W.I England | [copyright symbol] 1972 First Run Limited [copyright symbol] 1972 Poems Robert Graves | Printed in Paris by Mourlot, 43 rue Barrault, Paris XIII, France | on Arches paper | completed on the twenty-second day of November 1972 | [signature] | Number | [number]

53.5 × 75.5 cm. In portfolio case three-quarter green paper and one-quarter tan monks’ cloth; spine and back blank; front stamped in gold: ROBERT GRAVES & PAUL HOGARTH | DEYÁ

Price: £325.00. Number of copies: 75. Published November 1972.

Contents: [first lines, titles are not given] Ours has no bearing on quotidian love – Love makes poor sense in either speech or letters: – No one can understand our habit of love – Is there another man? – Confess, sweetheart, confess.

Note: The lithographs are in colour; the poems are printed in facsimile of Graves’s handwriting.

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