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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves


First edition:

Two Poems by | ROBERT GRAVES | with a Dutch translation by | Willem Kramer | Mercator Pers 1982

Collation: [1]10, 10 leaves.

pp.[1]–l4] blank; p.[5] ,,And Robert Graves lives on”; p. [6] blank; p.[7] title-page; pp.[8]–14[15] text; p.[16] blank; p.[17] COLOPHON | In honour of Robert Graves these two poems | were hand-set in Cancellaresca Bastarda | and printed on Zerkall Bütten in 1982; | 45 copies are a humble contribution | to the ‘Drukken’ project; 30 are| presents for friends of the | Mercator Press. | [ornament;] pp.[18] – [20] blank.

16.4 × 10.5 cm. Bulk: 0.3 cm. White laid paper, unwatermarked; top edge only trimmed. Bound in heavy grey paper wrappers; back and spine blank; front printed in black: Two Poems by | ROBERT GRAVES | with a Dutch translation by | Willem Kramer | [large printer’s ornament (3.9 × 3.5 cm.) upper female body with heavy swirls].

Price: gratis. Number of copies: 45. Published in late 1982.

Contents: Ulysses – Despite and Still.

Notes: The English text appears on versos and the Dutch translation on rectos. No pages are numbered. No copyright permissions or protections are recorded in this book, and the text of both poems is that found in A138, except for the capitalisation of ‘Despite’ and ‘Still’ in line 12 of the latter poem.

Laid in is a ‘BOOKMARKER,’ printed on the same paper as the covers and with text and printer’s ornament as front cover.

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