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SECTION A: Books written, co-written or translated by Robert Graves


First edition:

[pp. [6] – [7]:] [p.6:] [in blue:] ACROSS [p.7:] [in blue, two words:] THE GULF | ROBERT GRAVES | Late Poems | THE NEW SEIZIN PRESS | MCMXCII | [blind stamp of shield inside which are crosses above and below the word DEIA]

Collation: [1]-[2]4 [3]2 [4]-[5]4, 18 leaves.

pp. [1] – [2] as pastedown endpapers, blank; pp. [3] – [4] as free endpapers, blank; p. [5] ACROSS · THE ∙ GULF; pp. [6] – [7] title-page; p. [8] copyright notice; p. [9] contents; pp. [10] – [37] text; p. [38] blank; p. [39] These poems, written by Robert Graves when he | was in his seventies, were selected from his un- | published work by Beryl Graves, Lucia | Graves and Dunstan Ward; it was hand set and | printed by Tomás Graves and bound by Carmen | García-Gutiérrez, at The New Seizin Press, | Deiá, Mallorca. The type is 18 point Bembo; the paper was made for us by Lluís Morea. Of | the 175 copies of this book, this is number [number written in pencil] | [signatures in pencil of Beryl Graves, Lucia Graves, Dunstan Ward, Carmen García-Gutiérrez and Tomás Graves] | [blind stamp of shield inside which are crosses above and below the word DEIA]; p. 40 blank; pp. [41] – [42] as free endpapers, blank; pp. [43] – [44] as pastedown endpapers, blank.

23.8 × 16.4 cm. Bulk: 0.8/1.3 cm. White handmade paper watermarked ‘Deix’; top edges only trimmed. Bound in black cloth. A white laid paper label with top edge straight and bottom edge jagged runs across both covers and spine; a blue laid paper label with top edge jagged and bottom edge straight runs across both covers and spine. There is a jagged gap between the two labels where the black cloth shows through. Front: [title printed on both labels; top portions of letters on white label printed in blue; bottom portions of letters on blue label are printed in silver:] Across the Gulf; spine: [in black, down spine:] [on white label:] Robert Graves [on blue label:] Across the Gulf; back: labels unprinted.

Price: 16,000 pesetas (£80.00, U.S. $120.00). Copies: 175. Published 1992 in a plain tissue dust-jacket.

Contents: The Snapped Rope – The Goldsmiths – Adam in Hell – The Cards Are Wild – Unless – The Poised Pen – [Fragment] – How Is It a Man Dies? – Green Flash – Peisinoë – Across the Gulf – To His Temperate Mistress – Foot-Holder-Royal – The Pressure Gauge

Note: Also seen is a copy marked ‘A/P’, rather than being numbered.

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