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Last update: 24 December 2021

You have reached the old website of the RG Society's journal, The Robert Graves Review, formerly Gravesiana. To view the journal at its new website, click on this link: and follow the menu and links there.   

The Robert Graves Review is a peer-reviewed journal publishing scholarly articles about the work and the life and times of Robert Graves, poet, historical novelist, critic, classicist, mythographer, and author of more than 140 works in his lifetime, including Goodbye to All That, a memoir of his early life and experience in World War I; The White Goddess, his speculative study of poetic inspiration; his encyclopedic collection and analysis of Greek mythology, The Greek Myths; and his historical novels including I, Claudius and Claudius the God.

In addition to literary and historical criticism, the Robert Graves Review publishes biographical articles highlighting Graves’s personal relationships with notable contemporariesbook reviews of the latest studies touching on Graves and his place in the literature and history of the twentieth century, and contemporary poems that have a strong connection to Graves or to the themes, character, practices or virtues of his work.

The Robert Graves Review is the publication of the Robert Graves Society and will from time to time contain information concerning the society’s activities, including conferences, lectures and other events of interest to those engaged in Graves studies. 

Access to the current and back issues of the Robert Graves Review is free, but you need to register to view articles. To do this, click on the word ‘Register’ at the top of this page and complete and send the form which appears. Once you have registered, log in at the top of any page on this website, using the same e-mail address and password you chose to register, to gain immediate full access to the latest and back issues of Gravesiana, or Focus on Robert Graves and his Contemporaries and Focus on Robert Graves. In case of any problems with registration, please e-mail Patrick Villa at

The Robert Graves Review is available as an online journal at or click on either Current Issue or Back Issues and Focus from the menu on the top right-hand side of that page. To search across content from both the current and latest issues enter a search word [keyword] into the white box marked ′Find Issue:′ and click on ′Search′. Clicking on any of the results that appear will bring up a PDF of relevant articles or other items published here. Refresh the page if there is a long delay before an article appears -- but note that some of the PDF files are quite large. Adobe Acrobat Reader or an equivalent reader must be on your computer in order to read PDF files. 

Submissions are welcome from all who share the journal’s interests: please see ‘Submission and Contact Information’ at

These web pages contain the current and back issues of the Robert Graves Reviewas well as those of its forerunnerGravesiana, Focus on Robert Graves and his Contemporaries, and Focus on Robert Graves. They are presented as downloadable PDF files.

Membership of the Robert Graves Society gives you a range of benefits in addition to the latest numbers and back issues of the Robert Graves Review, including discounts at the Society’s international conferences and other events and free access to occasional online Zoom meetings. For details about how to subscribe, please visit Subscription rates are reasonable and the Society is always very happy to welcome new members. 

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